It’s going to be extremely hard because I’ve got answers coming from all over the place. So many want to explain themselves and what they like. So. I’m going to let anyone randomly answer the questions and see what I can get. Ready? Let’s do this.

Write down 5 things that make you incredibly happy and describe why they make you feel this way.

  1. Music. (majority rule) It’s the soundtrack of life.
  2. Makeup. We like to express ourselves creatively, and that’s just one way we can normally tell who is out or fronting. -Slic/Chic/Kacey/Stacy/Lacy/Mads (Again, there are so many, it’s hard.)
  3. Podcasts. Lyle loves podcasts, while the girls are doing the makeup, he likes to listen to what’s going on in the world.
  4. Eddie. That, again, majority rule. Some know how to handle him, some just don’t so they just sit back and watch the cuteness unfold.
  5. Sweaters/Jackets. It keeps us all comfortable, safe, and protected. Each jacket normally represents someone. -Striker/Tracker/Autumn/Mads/Bets/Sadie (Main ones)

What qualities about yourself do you love the most?

There’s a lot we love about you. Your creative mind, your beautiful full eyes, your humor and quick wit, the loving nature of a Mother you’ve become, your spunk and sass. That’s just to name a few.

Write down 3 of your favorite smells. Describe, in detail, how each one makes you feel.

  1. Lemon. It is such a clean and refreshing smell. It reminds me of summer time in Indiana. It makes me overwhelmingly happy. Playing outside, it brings me back to our house on W 77th Ave in Dyer, Indiana. I have so many fond memories and I remember the smells of the garden Mom had growing out back. (This is going into a whole other story.)
  2. A gamer jacket that I tend to wear all the time. Why? It smells like him. Love.
  3. Coffee. It reminds me of mornings with Papa and how he always made my coffee perfect. He had the perfect combination of creamer to sugar. If I didn’t finish it before we got back from church, I had a nice cold coffee surprise.

What element do you consider to be YOU? Write about why. (Earth, Air, Fire, Water).

Well, I believe we are the “element of surprise.” We are all of them. Gaia is Earth. Lyle is refreshing as spring time air. Sterling is as hot as a flame. Mads is a sweet little mermaid in her water utopia. These are the few that come to mind when I think of these elements. Okay Tracker. He is also Fire. My sweet redneck child. He loves bonfires. We always have.

What are 3 things that make you angry? Why?

  1. Anyone who talks down to us really sets me off. I do not like to be treated like a child or that I am incapable of doing things or taking care of my son. I am in Mama Wolf mode when it comes to Eddie. He is what needs to be kept safe and no one can do, say, or EVER take him from me.

2. Physical and Mental Abuse. It doesn’t matter, it isn’t needed in anyone’s life. Especially not Bets’ life because she doesn’t deserve it. We won’t let that happen anymore.

3. I can’t wait until we can drive again and just be free. Go when we want to, not having to depend on anyone else. Just to be independent. It’s all we really want.

Sterling handled that.

Describe what love means to you in detail.

Love. That’s a word, feeling, way of life. It’s what everyone strives for in this life. To love and be loved. It’s compassion, doing something small and seeing a smile cross someone’s face. Laying under a blanket and cuddling with your significant other. Hanging out with a good group of friends and sharing stories and inside jokes. The memories a loved one leaves behind for you to hold onto from this life unto the next. It is such a diverse question because love has infinite meaning. It looks different to everyone. To me, I had a misconstrued version of love for so long. I’m only now beginning to learn what it truly means to be loved and feel loved.

I think I need to stop here because I’m not having good thoughts and I’ve had such a great day and I’m happy. I have so much to be thankful for and be blessed by. Negativity doesn’t deserve a chance to be the forefront of my mind right now. I really enjoyed doing this with my willing participants. Let me know what else I should answer. Questions are very welcomed. We are a loving system. So spread some. ❤ -FoxTales System

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