I’m not exactly sure what I have in mind for today. I feel like writing for the sake of writing because it’s one of the best ways to get my “therapy session” in for the day. I feel like I could write on topics three times a day for the rest of my life and never have enough time to get it all out. I’m really hesitant to write about touchy subjects because it’s the mental identity I have to succumb to. Am I ready to relive some of these traumas?

I keep hearing from the corner of my mind to talk about a time I went to a strip club with my husband. That one’s fun. Have you ever gotten a pep talk from a stripper about how beautiful you are and your worth? Then get offered a straight up line of cocaine? It happens to the best of us, I know. Sadie is always up to bat when it comes to partying. There we go, let’s introduce her today. Go a head, lady. Introduce yourself.

As much as I really don’t want to do this, I do. I am proud of my horrible achievements and dirty content I could so explicitly reveal to you all, but I have some dignity. My name is Sadie. I wear black all the time. I am a party girl, different colored hair, right now it’s hot pink and black. I am about Bets’ height, around 5’3. I have piercings and tattoos of my own. I wear combat boots, baggy or skin tight black leather pants, and black tanks, sweaters. I am a party animal and I’ve gotten us into SO much trouble. I’ve thrown us in jail twice for drunk driving. I’m not the best part of her, but I’m here for the rest of her life, so. As much as you try to keep me down, I’ll find a way out. Not to the extent as we used to go, but I’m here, darling.

I seem like a tough little shit, but in all honesty, I am completely misunderstood and quite drawn in. I am a lot of her depression, sadness, exhaustion, and doubts. I can also go from down to hyper, dirty, and cunning as a fox if I need. I do wear a fox hoodie when I’m closer to the front. That’s mine. I am the one that bought it. I have a very big furry fascination and it brings me comfort. I couldn’t give a crap what anyone thinks about that, it’s near and dear to me.

I’m thinking that’s enough for now. My stories are fun. Believe me. You won’t be able to stop scrolling.

Hey. I think that was a start. I’m not trying to write a novel here, I want to be more engaging with whatever reader I’ve got thumbing through my scattered life. I am a very chatty individual and I’m all for comments. Maybe Sadie and I will indulge you in the strip club story, but that, my friend, is for another entry. 😉 -Sadie/Bets

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