Everyone has something that is pleasurable to the eye. This picture is just that. I had no idea that a graffiti giraffe could make my heart so happy. It was such a simple request for the picture to be taken and I didn’t know you were really going to do it. Memories in the making keeps me going, happy, and hopeful.

Looking at the blue of the St. Johns River through the boards of the pier, it brings such a tranquil and serene feeling to me. The calm waters were up against the rapid beating of my heart taking you in as you stood there. Seeing my heart out of my body is something I’ve never been able to describe in such a way until you walked into my life again. Puppy love would be jealous of the way this feeling has a hold on me. Each time I breath in I feel this calming, almost awakening bliss. When I breath out, it’s to let go the anticipation I have until I can be in your arms once more.

I remember the way I stood against the railing and you came up and held me from behind. The warmth of your skin on mine, the way your fingers curled perfectly between mine. Closing my eyes and taking in that moment so it would stay as fresh as the smell of the water and always captivate my heart every time I think about it. The safety I feel, being engulfed by your stature, feeling the love radiate from your pulse. It has never felt right until now. I wish I could reach out and touch this emotion because it is foreign and ever so comforting that I want to hang on to it for the rest of my life. I believe you could provide this for the rest of ours.

As many times as this has been said, you do something to me that I can’t ever put my finger on. I’ve never felt so naked when I am with you. I’m vulnerable and yet I want you to see every bit of me in ways no one else ever could. You possess that ability to take the real, raw, and emotional mess of a woman that I am and you’ve helped turn it into a perfection I’ve never known. Flaws and all. The words you coo in my ear, the breeze of your breath on my neck, and your hands exploring what is to become so rightfully yours. I’m stunned by you and I’m never turning back. This wolf has found her paradise and it’s always going to be in you. My soul pulls me towards you. The notion that I am right where I belong is one that I can only have with you.

I try so hard to pull these words out of the air, place them strategically together to form the perfect sentence. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist or I’ve yet to claim it. You leave me begging for more, long winded and wordy, yet speechless all at the same time. How that’s possible, someone please explain. I see the words flow through the wind but they are so uplifted and full of spirit that they don’t want to land. They want to continue the story and that starts with me and you.

So graffiti giraffe, thank you for being a small sign that will always lead me back to the memory of that day. I will treasure you until the day I die. – Bets/Autumn

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