Do you have a nostalgic movie that you go to when you just feel like you need it? When you feel defeated and just need a pick me up? Don’t laugh. Mine is the 2003 Lindsay Lohan version of Freaky Friday. I was compared to Lindsay all through my childhood and teenage years. Little did I know we would both become alcoholics with DUIs and a cocaine addiction. At least we’ve been through our dark days and are showing the better versions of ourselves. Her newest album is pretty legit. Small world… Haha…

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack and it’s putting a smile on my face and bringing me back to my youth. Autumn is thrilled, head banging and jumping around. She’s such a cutie. I know when I watch those old Disney channel movies with Lindsay in them, I’m going to feel happy and like a young adult again. I even ended up dying my hair with the chunky blonde highlights in them to look like her in that movie. I actually looked pretty good with them too. Guess I could show a comparison picture Autumn so graciously set up for me.

Goodness. I really miss my high school days. I miss the easiest days of my life when deciding what band tee to wear that day was the most important decision. I can’t really even say that. Some of the beginnings of my best and worst memories are thrown around all through high school. If only it really was that simple. I sometimes wonder if I just brought it upon myself. I was so vulnerable and wanted attention and love so much that I would take it from anyone who’d give it. Women and Men alike if I am being completely honest with myself.

I’m not sure where I am going here anymore. I think this is going to be a short one today, but I love giving content. It makes me feel whole and valid to my own self. Ha. I have to prove myself even to me and my alters. I’ll never understand what’s going on inside my head. -Bets/Autumn

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