The thought of Disney, whether it be parks, movies, stuffed animals, memorabilia, treats. Everything Disney.
Warm hugs. (Oh look, an Olaf reference)
Eddie cuddles.
Candles burning before bedtime. A time we reflect on it all.
Warm cup of coffee or tea.
Writing. Any form of writing. It’s one of the most comforting things in the world. Think I’m lying? Fight me. lol
Ice cream cartoon characters with bubblegum for eyes from the ice cream truck.
Reading and tucked under a cozy blanket.
Listening to music while working.
Tidying up our safe space and feeling the organization of it all.
Your scent.
Popcorn and a movie.
M&Ms on Halloween.
Home cooked meals.
Being pampered, taken care of, having a sense of stability and security in our life.
Wearing an outfit that gives us confidence and a warming feeling all over.
Knowing everything is okay in those moments with you.
A warm fire to cozy up next to and listen to the crackling of the wood.
The smell of the outdoors on a summer night.
A full moon and nightlife sounds.
The feeling of receiving a heartfelt gift that you didn’t see coming.
One day soon being able to see my son’s creativity through his school work and helping him with homework. (Grade A education backer here)
Feeling comfortable to sing said Sing-A-Longs out loud because you won’t be judged for your pitchy alto notes.
Being apart of a performance. In a play, musical, or skit.
Having an enjoyable beverage with dear friends you don’t see that often.
Playing board games or card games. I love a good get together.
Listening to Podcasts.
Watching people game. I am a semi-gamer, but I am one who’d rather watch. Always have been.
Having a good conversation and working through traumas.
When the cat or dog cuddle up and they can get a good scratch and lovins from us.
Nostalgia in any form.
Cooking, especially for the ones I love. Putting effort and thought into, knowing what they prefer.
A nice long walk to just think and enjoy God’s beautiful scenery.
Reading anything inspired by the Lord. Could be our Bible or the plethora of authors we enjoy and studies we’ve been through.
Working for the ministry. It’s another one of the best comforts and brings so much meaning to our life.
Inside jokes
Knowing when someone really does pay attention and doesn’t let on that they do. It’s the underlying message of what they do to notice things about us and then go on to do things or say things that makes us smile.
Blueberry pop tarts. Of all the flavors, that’s our go-to every time.
Lemon/Citrus scented everything.
Yellow and Orange Starburst or Skittles. We are that system. Pinks and Reds are meh…
Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. It’s the refreshing feeling. So really. Anything peppermint.
True Crime novels. Can’t. Get. Enough.
Wolves (Dur)
One day owning a fur suit and letting the ones who truly enjoy fursuiting to take full advantage of that. Using it to put smiles on other’s faces, and the like.
Wearing a tail brings me confidence and comfort. Something about it makes us all sorts of happy. (True fact, I would wear one every day or out in public without hesitation or shame.)
Jackets, hoodies, PJ pants, and slippers.
Coffee mugs are a collection type deal and comfort. I love all my mugs because they all have a story behind them.
Inspirational home decor. I also like to create my own, a lot.
So, painting and creating signs. It’s fun and I can put anything on a sign. Even, “Kinky Fetishes Live Here,” and no one would bat an eye. Haha.
Making lists. It makes me feel so organized.
Making sure books are lined up according to size.
My skateboard. – Zeus
Songs from my youth.
The sound of bagpipes.

This is something that we do a lot of times. I keep my sticky notes tab up and just make lists of things. It helps when I need to ground myself or bring myself back down to earth, so to speak. Just thinking about happiness and things I’m thankful for. I might do this from time to time so I can just go back and look at it. Feel free to comment down below something that brings you comfort or a random fact about yourself. I love learning things about others. -Autumn

2 responses to “List of Comfort and Randomness”

  1. H. R Phoenix, Author Avatar

    Hi Autumn, very intresting post and I loved reading your comfort! Things that make me feel comfort…
    Stroking cats, eating white chocolate, reading your blog 😁, painting, creative writing, wearing flairs….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thefoxtalessystem Avatar

    You are so so kind. I love your little list! ❤


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