There’s something about the moon that speaks to me. The soft white aura that so graciously hovers around its edges as it sits full and lusciously in the sky. A spotlight for all to see, you won’t be lost for long. Primal instinct makes me want to lovingly howl to her. Proclaim my presence and let it be known. Sitting here I smell the sweet scent of jasmine as the breeze blows it playfully around my nose and whisps through my hair.

Oh Flower Moon, your name is so fitting. Spring brings hope of growth and romance. It’s a time to unlock such hidden potential we’ve yet to find. Your light, it gives me strength. Your energy flows through me as these delicate words fit perfectly on this page. I feel your beauty and it radiates off my soft porcelain skin. I feel elementally complete in all your calming and glorious pull that I long for each month.

Our pack, as soon as I lock eyes with you, they howl so deeply and longingly for you. The guttural synchronization of their symbolic sound is so pleasing to my ears. My fierce Blaze, playful Sukura, and somber Crymson. I feel like there is a fourth to my pack but I just haven’t been able to place you yet. Please let yourself be known to me, I will keep you safe sweet beast. The moon, you know her. You all do. She excites and awakens your spirits. Play for the moon is full my pups. Shout, howl, embrace your animalistic voices and fill the world of your joy.

Let your elegance dance in the shadows all around me and give me comfort and safety like you always have. This view is such a blessing in our life and it is a sight that could never be beat. Wherever you are I am here and I’m looking up at her too. As you lay your delicious brown eyes upon the soft white, remember my ocean blues are gazing upon it too. I can feel our connection as deep as the sea and she shakes the waves in our everlasting love. Can you see it? Close your eyes, picture the tide rolling in. You and me hand in hand, toes buried deep down in the sand. Let’s make this a reality as soon as we can see each other again.

Oh Milk Moon, let me drink you in fulfilling and nourishing as you are. Bring the peace I so desperately yearn for not a moment too soon. I want to just sit here, forever and suck up all of the majestic wonders you hold. I see the white rabbit snuggled up close to you waiting for its kiss goodnight. If only I was to receive your passion. Your lips brushed against my forehead once more. You’re so close and yet so far away. Distance will never be an issue when each night you so eagerly come back to me. Show yourself in all of your glory, whatever phase you may be in. I will gladly accept whatever you have to give.

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