You. Your scent. That irresistible, yet forbidden. Pressing hard into my memory, sustaining yet poisonous on so many levels. With each inhale of lust comes sin. Such a delicious sin and that sin is You. The extreme amount of pleasure I receive, each swirl of you that brings me to my knees. It grips onto my soul and squeezes until I can no longer breathe. I know the commandments in which I am breaking and I am so guilty. As I write these words I feel hesitant to really accept them as a complete and true reality.

Your jacket I wrap myself in. The hood that covers my head and let’s me get lost in you when you’re so far away. You let me close my eyes, inhale deeply, and lose myself in everything I shouldn’t be made up of. Why would you be in my life if you weren’t meant to be? I am so confused where I’m being led and it’s your damn scent that keeps me crawling towards you on all fours. It captivates my mind. It puts me into a trance and boy, you’ve got your claws dug in deep.

That musk, when I lean into your arms and you hold me tight. I’m lost in you. Forbidden as you are. Your fruit is not mine and I’m not allowed to touch. I’m greedy and bite and taste you anyway. You open my mind to truths that I wasn’t supposed to see, things I was not supposed to know, but you let me anyway. Why are you my weakness? You tempt me and I fall victim to your call. I come running like your hurt, wounded, sick puppy. The fragrance you produce is as toxic as the bottle to my lips. I’m addicted yet again but it’s one I won’t let go.

Will I ever learn?

2 responses to “Forbidden Fruit”

  1. H. R Phoenix, Author Avatar

    This post is made up of powerful lines… Its really well written…. ❤️❤️❤️Thanks for sharing ❤️
    Did you watch the video i sent?


  2. thefoxtalessystem Avatar

    Thank you so much. I did watch it a little while ago, yes. That was very sweet of you. It was honesty nice and calming. It made me pictures things that made me happy. Pretty awesome if you ask me. 😁


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