Just two separate nights months apart, but somehow you always find a way to make my heart sing for you in the wee hours of the morning, You.

I’m so awake it’s crazy and my thoughts are running rampant through my mind. I’m laying here and thinking I guess I’ve got some time to let out know how much you mean to me and all my mates. I’m like your very own Tinder that you can swipe right for all the dates. It’s so loud in here and if I look out I can see above the crowd who keep on screaming at the top of their lungs what you are all about. The way you stroke the hair on your chin when you are lost deep in thought. Or when you’d stare at me typing away on my laptop. The comfort I feel when I’m with you is one that could never be replaced. Even if I’d love to sit upon that mouth and muffle your face. I’m strangely fond of a strap on and hope one day you’ll let me strike your fancy. Because baby I’m kinky and not all of us are prissy girl nancies. You make me feel so many different ways I can hardly keep my head on straight. It’s a good thing you’ve got strong arms in case I decided to hyperventilate. The safety you provide was never what my mind had in store. To find the one I can be vulnerable I’d ask for nothing more. It’s funny how my mind becomes wired and never tired of you running through my head. As long as I’m the one when you are done cuddled up inside my bed. Until that day I guess it’s true what they say about a heart. It grows fonder, only stronger until you and I won’t ever have to part. Sweet Dreams my Love.

I can’t help but think of all the obstacles I’ve had to overcome to get to you. How life’s choices took me down a path that would eventually lead me right into your secured arms wrapped ever so snug around my being. The tense feeling of emotions running rampant through my mind and the electric shock sent through my system that you bring. It’s made me feel the most alive I’ve felt in a long time. In the end it was always you, my final destination on this dusty and bumpy dirt road. One I’ve become all too familiar with, mud sloshed and tread on. To come upon a smooth surface throws me off balance and I swerve to straighten my path, the one that belongs to you. The courses I’ve took, the side hustles I’ve presented, and dings just goes to show the story I’ve possessed without you. I’m strong and beautifully broken, a restoration you can’t resist. Make me purr so much stronger, vibrating my love creating a rumble so fierce that gunshots couldn’t come close to the sounds I confess that is my love for you. Of all the choices I’ve made one is certainly clear and it’s blatantly graced upon me, a shot in the dark worth taking. Never mistaking, you my dear. Sweet dreams.

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