Day 14-Share a Spooky Poem With Us

This is actually a poem I did back in high school about a True Crime novel I read called, “The Embrace: A True Vampire Story,” by Aphrodite Jones. It’s all about Roderrick Ferrell and the Vampire Clan murders. This was my way of doing book reports back in the day. I loved poetry and still do.

The Embrace

An innocent smile
Good at all she did
Was not a trouble maker
Until she met him
The ultimate sin

He made her believe
That she could leave
Back to the past
Out of body experience

To be called immortal
And have that back tracking portal
Loacted in his mind
Made him seem like one of a kind

She bought into what he sold
Now is a loner
Along with him in the cold

Wearing black
Communication lack
Especially with the oustide world
They were in one of their own

Slice to lettings
Which brought uncontrollable feelings
Making her feel invinsible
Like she had no principles

Now embraced
Pail goth face
Attracted to her master
Wanting to take action faster

Bringing others under his wing
Just thinking it was a vampiric fling
Turned out to be the real thing

No more acting
In role playing
His words he spoke
Thought he knew what he was saying

Brought along three more
Through his immortal door
Into his vampire coven
Thinking he could control them

It worked quite well
They fell under his seductive spell
Thinking they were just like he
Is all they wanted to be

His plan was about to unfold
Since he had them told
They were running away for good
To live together in the Louisianna woods

Back to the girl
Whom complains about her folks
Now he starts to make killing jokes
He’s got a plan to get her to go along
Even though the idea is so wrong

So him and his friend
Sneak around the bend
Grab the car keys
And try to flee

Leaving her parents blood stained and soaked
I guess it was no joke
They hopped in the stolen car
To meet the three
With a grin on their faces
Happy as can be

A murder they committed
Getting away was pure luck
Now on to get the girls
From the pick up truck

Traveling upstate
Thought they were in the clear
So he told the girl what they had done
And the adrenaline rush made it all the more fun

Shaking in fear
She didn’t want to be here
Looking away
For she had nothing to say

Scared and hurt
But lost in her thoughts
She couldn’t do anything now
They’ve gotten so far
Couldn’t turn around in the car

She held on for the ride
Locking herself deep inside
Until they got were they needed

A phone call was made
Accidentally traced
Their smiles then fade
They can’t believe the mistake they made

Sentenced they all were
Declared crazy and insane
But Rod Ferrell wouldn’t
play that game

Immortal he was
From the day he became
The police knew he was a liar
His statements were lame

Heather Wendorf got out later on
When they finally realized
She wasn’t like the other guys

She was brainwashed and torn
For she was never warned
Of her parents killing

It wasn’t her fault
But Scott and Rod’s alone
The other two girls
Known as Charity and Dana
Only got one phone call

They were sentenced for a while
While the guys were told of death
But I guess that’s turned into a myth

Still not dead
Even to this day
Maybe they shouldn’t have
Played the vampire game…

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