Day 23- Trick-or-Treat or Halloween Party?

I believe there is a time for both. I used to be the one who would go out to parties into the wee hours of the morning. We liked to call them Hallow-Roll parties. Ecstasy was like a tradition throughout my late teens/early 20s. Just that night. I guess that’s what you get when you hang out on “the dirt road.”

Things have definitely slowed down now and I’m totally up for a good ol’ walk around the neighborhood with little man and enjoy his excitement for candy. I do have to say, I wouldn’t change it for the world. He has been wearing his Halloween shirts to school since the beginning of October. He probably has enough to get him through half a month, so it works out pretty well. He and I really know how to celebrate this season. I love his love for spooky things because I was so fascinated myself as a child. He does have a lot of “mini me” qualities and it makes my heart melt. I’d do absolutely anything for that child.

I really did enjoy trick-or-treating as a kid. We knew which houses had the best candy and the one that always gave out cans of Pop. Northerner, yes, yes I am. My dad would always decorate the trailer to his tractor and put hay in it as we rode around the neighborhood. Beat walking and we always had hitchhikers because we were “so cool!” Youth get excited over the most simplistic things and I wish it could continue into adulthood. I’ve tried to continue humbling myself and enjoying the small things because they always end up mattering the most.

I’m trying to remember the different costumes I’ve worn throughout the years. I know for a fact I was a pumpkin, lion, witch, scarecrow, Barney (Yes, the Dinosaur), Sonic (the Hedgehog), Kimberly (The Pink Power Ranger), Simba (The Lion King), Rose (Titanic), Hippie, Cheerleader (don’t know what I was thinking), California Raisin (Don’t judge, it was my aunt Jody’s costume and I adore her!), Daria (MTV Show), Fairy, Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas), Sexy Cubs Player, Wolf, Fox, Harley Quinn, Little Red Riding Hood, Rocky (Paw Patrol, wonder why. lol), and Pirate. I’m sure I’m missing a couple in there, but it was interesting to recall a lot of those.

I plan on spending this Halloween with Eddie and Patrick, seeing what we can find to do because of this Covid BS. I know we will come up with something fun and exciting. They have a lot of trunk-or-treats going on around here and a couple things at the beaches. I think like store-to-store candy handout. Whatever we do, I just want everyone to enjoy themselves and feel carefree. I want to remember and experience Halloween the way it should have always been celebrated.. Sobriety, love, and candy!

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