Day 26- Favorite Autumn/Halloween Scents

This topic, I feel, would have no ending if I chose not to limit myself on ALL of my favorite scents. I mean, what better time of the year? Time for a list!

Autumn/Halloween Scents

  • Autumn air
  • Bonfires
  • Crispy Breezy Nights
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Chai Tea
  • Hot Apple Cider
  • Fresh Pumpkin Pie
  • Fresh Apple Pie
  • Coffee
  • Pumpkin Waffle Candle
  • Fall Farmhouse Candle
  • Pistachio Macaron Candle
  • Pumpkin & Plum Candle
  • Caramel Buttercream Wax
  • Cinnamon Brooms
  • Freshly popped Buttered Popcorn
  • Homemade Casseroles Baking
  • Cookies Baking
  • Patrick’s cologne (Trust me…)
  • Warm (straight from the dryer) Hoodies/Sweaters
  • Patrick’s Gamer Jacket
  • Eddie’s Room (I think it’s a maple oil plugin)
  • Maple Syrup
  • Corn Mazes
  • Fall Festivals (They just have a feeling and a scent)
  • Inside of Coffee Shops
  • Bookstores
  • Brand New Book
  • My Room

This list is nowhere near complete, but I figured, might as well throw out a couple to keep the senses happy. 😉

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