Blogtober Decorations

Day 27/28- How do you decorate for Halloween/What are your favorite items to put out on Halloween?

These two were too close together so I decided to just make it all wrapped up into one. I was also really busy yesterday, so there’s that. Excuses, excuses…I know.

Halloween Candy Bowl (Alongside Eddie’s Kindergarten School Picture)
Halloween Tarp I placed over my window. We like it DARK in here.
New Halloween Wax Set : “Bread of the Dead,” “Three Milk Cake,” and “The Moon”
Gotta Have a Halloween Tote
My Little Halloween Shelf
Entrance to My Bedroom
Halloween Mirror and Myself Sneaking a Selfie. Hehe
Eddie’s Jack Skellington
Entrance to Eddie’s Room
Eddie’s School Corner
Eddie’s Closet
Living Room
Living Room
Kitchen Table
Front Sitting Room
Cozy Corner
Front Door

Hope you like that little sneak peek, from our home to yours. Happy Haunting!

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Hey, my name is Betsi, the host of The Fox Tales System. I am here to promote DID Culture and breaking the stigmas around it. I am a woman of Christ and will spiritually guide and bring to light the glory of His Word. There are a lot of us here and plenty who would like to share. I am doing this solely for pleasure and the validity of my own means. I hope you'll come along for the journey.

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