Day 29- Would You Rather…

  1. Walk through a graveyard at midnight OR Spend the night in a spooky abandoned house? Walk through a graveyard at midnight, or any time of night. I enjoy walks among the dead.
  2. Bob for apples OR Carve a Jack-O-Lantern? Carve a Jack-O-Lantern, or paint one. I enjoy doing crafty things. I should seriously stop procrastinating and do our pumpkins already.
  3. Be allowed to eat as much Halloween candy as you want for a week, but then have the rest taken away OR Be allowed to eat a piece a day and not have it taken away? This one is easy, a piece a day. I am not a huge sweets eater but when I do get that sweet tooth, I never have more than one piece of candy or a scoop of ice cream. Just never cared for sweets.
  4. Meet a Vampire OR Meet a Werewolf? Werewolf, 110%!
  5. Read a spooky story OR Watch a scary movie? Read a spooky story. I love to read and when it’s dark and quiet it’s the perfect time for a ghost story.
  6. Be A Vampire OR Be a Werewolf? Werewolf. Dur.
  7. Have an amazing, yet uncomfortable costume OR Nothing special but super comfortable? It’s one night out of the year, I’ll take an amazing uncomfortable one.
  8. Homemade costume OR store bought costume? That’s tough because I love both. Uhm… I’ll just be lazy and go store bought.
  9. Get 20 of your favorite Halloween treats OR 50 of your least favorite Halloween treats? Yea, the 20.
  10. Go Trick-Or-Treating with a group of friends OR Get paid $20.00 to take a kid? Well considering I already have a kid to take, the group of friends can join us on the fun. 😉
  11. Go to a really great Halloween party where you know no one OR Go to a lame Halloween party where you know almost everyone? I’ll go lame, it’ll be a good time if I know them anyway. I’m not good around strangers no matter how “great” the party is.
  12. Win a best costume contest OR Win a best pumpkin contest? I’ll go vanity over creativity on this one. I want to wow the judges with a great costume.
  13. Have to sleep in a coffin OR Have to live in a pumpkin? I’d prefer to sleep in that coffin. Those things look comfortable, have you seen some of those fancy ones? Haha.
  14. Have to eat 6 fish eyeballs OR Have to eat a small frog? Well, I’ll go eat a small frog cause you best bet I’ll be cooking it before I eat it. Didn’t specify whether it had to be raw or not. LOOPHOLE!
  15. Have to wear a Halloween costume to work every day until Thanksgiving OR Have to wear a Jack-O-Lantern over your head to work for 3 days straight? Shoot, if I have the opportunity to wear a costume every day, I’m doing it! That’s no punishment.
  16. Help to design and make a haunted house OR Go to a haunted house someone else created? I would love to help design and make one. I love to be creative and to see others enjoy our awesome creation would be so worth it!
  17. Be chased by 5 zombies OR Be chased by 1 Werewolf? One werewolf because most likely, I will try and tame it and make it my pet.
  18. Trick-Or-Treat in a neighborhood OR Trunk-Or-Treat? Neighborhood. I like traditional to be honest.
  19. Eat all of your Halloween candy OR Trade all of your Halloween candy for $10.00. I’ll gladly trade, I can get something WAY better.
  20. Dress up as a devil OR Dress up as an angel? Devil. Hands down. You can make it a little more sexy. Being naughty just doesn’t work as an angel. Sorry.

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