Day 31- How Did You Spend Your 2020 Halloween?

Never did I think that so soon I would be waking up next to you. Only a year ago you came into my life with intentions better than mine. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but it was the best decision that I’ve made in a very long time.

This morning I felt different in a good way. Feeling happy first thing in the morning is rare, but I’ve been letting myself experience happiness for the first time in a long time. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m not going to waste any minute of reeling in this glorious feeling.

We started the morning off with little man coming into the room surprised to see Patrick sitting in my computer chair. When his face lights up to him, it makes my heart skip a beat. We went into the living room and put on Toy Story 4 to watch together.

My Loves
Play Time

While they continued to play with blocks and such, I made some pumpkin seeds from our carved pumpkins from the night before. Whilst in the process of preparing the seeds I looked up and Eddie was standing in front of Patrick with a sweet look on his face and he goes, “I love you!”, and kissed his leg. He looked over at me as I felt the hot tears sting the corners of my eyes and turned back in response to Eddie, “Aww.. I love you too., buddy.” Be still my heart. Be still.

Eddie’s Haunted House Pumpkin

It was a lovely morning just enjoying each other’s company and playing whatever Eddie was feeling at the moment. He found Easter Eggs and we each hid them and found them a couple of times. You know, the traditional Halloween traditions every household enjoys. 😉

We had some fun decorating some cookies in a little kit that Grandma Great provided to him.

Decorating Fun

Once we got cleaned up we all headed over to Grandma Great and Pa Bear’s condo so they could see Eddie in his Halloween costume. We decided against the Hulk since he was too big for the costume and I couldn’t find any other in his size. So this year he went as Jason the Red Ranger from Power Rangers. I have to say, he makes an adorable Ranger.

My Handsome Red Ranger

She supplied him with a bag of Reese’s, M&Ms, and Dots as well as a Pete the Cat book about Thanksgiving. He absolutely enjoyed the treats as sugar-filled as he already was. Ironically he asked to watch The Grinch to keep him occupied at one point, he is Grinch crazy. So already we celebrated two other holidays amongst Halloween.

Once we had our fun visiting, we headed out and went our separate ways. Patrick and I ended up going by Target only to buy Eddie a Jack Frost Joker Funko Pop. That little boy is so loved it’s ridiculous.

Eddie’s Sunday Surprise

We stopped by Arby’s to pick up dinner. After he raved about their deep fried turkey sandwich, it had to happen. I mean, that and Arby’s curly fries, am I right? We watched Masterchef Canada and enjoyed the company of each other. This Halloween in the first one I’ve spent sober in the past 16 years. It literally blows my mind because this has always been a major drinking and ecstasy rolling holiday for me. I have never been happier in my life.

We actually ended up with a special candy stash of our own that he ordered for fun.

Japanese Candy

He also had two collector boxes ordered and delivered today as kind of a neat treat for us both.

Funko Collector Boxes

He treats me like a Queen when I feel less than. I’m trying so hard to remember that I deserve this life. It was placed into my hands, blessed beyond words, and I am going to enjoy every single moment. Happy Halloween Y’all. Be safe. Be Responsible. Live life the way it’s meant to be lived, FULL.

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