When I woke up, something was COMPLETELY different. I mean, so different I couldn’t stay silent. I’m done being told how to live my life and who to have in my life. So, let’s just say, today, December 16th, 2020, is The Fox Tales System “Life Take Back Day.” I am going to be exactly who I have always been and made to be closed off. I want to be seen for the true human being I am, and we are many.

I don’t care anymore what ANYONE thinks of me because I know that God is the only one who matters when it comes to judgement. I know it may disappoint some and make some not want to be in my life anymore. That’s not my problem anymore, it’s yours. So take me or leave me baby. I have BROKE these damned chains and I’ve unleashed my true potential and now, I’m going to take a hold of it and make it my bitch. I am going to shine so bright, I’ll make you go blind. The suns got NOTHING on me. The positivity that is radiating through me right now would be enough to choke a puppy. Don’t ask me where this is coming from, because I couldn’t honestly give you that answer at the moment. All I know is I am done being closeted and I am AWAKE.

I feel Clover hop and jump around inside, grit her teeth and nash at the negativity and demons in my mind. No one and nothing is going to tell me the way I should be living my life and have control of me. The holy spirit flows through my veins and my flaws are present, but damn if I’m not trying my hardest to be the best person I can. I am not perfect, I am the ultimate sinner, and I will never be without, but I can try my best every day to be the person God meant me to be.

I wish I could describe, in words, this feeling that is pouring out of me. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I don’t want to stop having it. You know how you can become a born again Christian? I felt like I was born again to myself and not to anyone but me. God has shown me all I need to thrive and survive in this lifetime. It’s through HIM. Why haven’t I made this as clear as it is to me now? Why haven’t I seen the blessings he has placed in my life and not shouted out to the world of his glory until now?! Time to turn it all around.

I am alive. I am happy. I am deserving (even when we aren’t). I am ME.

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