I am soaring above it all, looking down and marveling in the beauty that my life is becoming. Tears of joy and thanksgiving fill my eyes and overflow in my heart. I just never knew a love like the one with you. It’s a rare masterpiece, a hidden gem, the X at the end of a treasure map. Surprising, exciting, glorious, and worth the wait. That is exactly what I found in you. Do you know the power you possess over this vessel? It’s extraordinary and glows brilliantly as the full moon sitting in the clear night sky. The sight is breathtaking and makes you gasp for the crisp cool air of winter. Snuggled warm against each other, in the safest embrace you could ever find comfort in.

All of it. I mean every word. I wish I could create a word beautiful enough to express the way in which you mean to me. That could never be possible. It doesn’t need to be, you are more than a description in a book. I feel my soul intertwine with yours when we are together. When you hold me, make love to me, kiss my forehead, and squeeze me tight. Such a majestic embrace you give. Like the most precious ring for a Hobbit, or the child worth fighting for. The meaning is inexplicable, unexplainable. You make me search for words that are descriptive but I just can’t find it. I’ve searched for you my whole life and I had no idea I was on the hunt in the first place. Lost and afraid. Running through the wet and muddy forest, stopping to shake the feelings of insecurity and self-doubt over and over and over again.

I don’t need to run anymore, I don’t want to anymore. There’s no reason. I want to stay put for you. The only commitment I’ve truly wanted to stay still and savor. I’m a diamond in the ruff that you picked up and made sparkle and shine once more. I may never have the words, but I can promise you I’ve got a love that you can never put a damper on if my light is sufficient enough for you.

I love you.

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