I’ve absolutely got to unload my notes to this blank page. It’s going to just be a random list of things written, highlighted, thoughts, and you know, like a journal. Wow. Okay. No professionalism to be found at the moment, apparently. Without further adieu, because I always have to announce what I’m doing. Beat yourself up, Bets, why don’t you?

More Valuable Than Rubies

As women, many of us struggle with our self-concepts. First of all, we have to look a certain way. Our hair needs to be in style, our clothes fashionable, and our faces perfectly made up. When we step on the scale, we need to see numbers that are closer to one hundred than two hundred! At the same time, we need to juggle all the roles we fill.

We have to be on time, be efficient, keep our cool pay attention, and earn enough to help support our families. We need to be able to care for our families. We nurture children and older parents. We are faithful and sensitive friends, and we are loving wives. But that’s not all! We also have to keep our houses clean…prepare meal…volunteer at church and in our communities…and somehow stay calm through it all. Most of all, we want to make everyone happy. We want to do everything we can to make everyone like us!

We compare ourselves to those around us, who all seem to be doing so much better than we are at being pretty, smart, accomplished, loving, and loved women. We become discouraged and full of despair. We doubt our own value.

But Proverbs 31 doesn’t say that our value is based on any of these things. We are women of VIRUTE–women of strength and courage. It doesn’t say anything at all about our worth depending on how clean our houses are or how much we weigh. Or even on how much other people like us!

God doesn’t care about any of the standards we so often use to define ourselves. Whether we are overweight or slender, well-dressed or scarecrows, slobs, or tidy, professionals or stay-at-home moms, popular or social misfits, we are equally treasured. We are more valuable than rubies because God has filled us with VIRTUE!

Loving God,

You know how hard I try to be everything that’s expected of me. I wear myself out working so hard to be good at all the roles I fill. I truly want to be good at each of the jobs I do, both at home and at work. And I want so much to make those I love happy. When I start to focus too much on these things, though, I ask that You remind me to shift my attention to You. Help me to rely on Your perspective instead of society’s. Give me confidence in the strength you have given me–strength to love, strength to serve You, strength to do good in the world.



I feel like I need to write all of this out so I can re-read when I need these reminders. So let’s do it! This life was given to you so you could figure it out and then once there, live it fully on your “God Potential.” You know, the one you were given at the beginning of time. Unique as you are, love, you will go very far an do exactly what’s been called for you to do. Enjoy this, Betsi. Don’t take things for granted. This life was on purpose with a much bigger plan than our tiny little minds could really understand. I’m totally diggin’ the vibes, Pops. You always had amazing taste in music. I’m sorry for being stupid and not “getting it” right away before you passed. I feel like something special was given to me by you. I feel it deep down in my bones. I will continue the legend of traits and it’ll help those who need it. Lord, My God, what did I just open, you open, within me? It’s fantastic. Marvelous. I love you. The love and joy is overflowing and if this is just a glimpse of what Heaven has to offer, color me shocked beyond belief. Though I believe with every ounce of my…this vessel, MY SOUL.

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