Valentine’s Story

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How’d you guys meet: We originally met in High School. We then, way later, starting talking on FB, and now, well, here we are.

First Date: It was more of a “first seeing each other in 14 years” type of thing. I will never forget seeing him standing in my door way and the immediate attraction I had for his soul.

How long have you been together: 1 year and 4 months and some odd days.

Age difference: 1 month and 8 days

Who was interested first: In a weird way, I think we were both interested once a conversation was started.

Who is taller: Definitely Patrick. He’s like 6’1 while I’m 5’2.

Who said I love you first: Patrick did. I had to confirm with him because I honestly wasn’t sure. I feel like we’ve always said it. Guess what, apparently we have. He said it to me the first day he saw me in those 14 long years and I said it back. I was in a bad stage of my life and I was pretty drunk, so I do have to admit, I’m very upset I don’t remember our first “I Love You’s.” Thing is, I always felt a love from the beginning and I didn’t quite understand it, but now, it makes the most sense of anything I’ve done.

Most impatient: It could honestly be a tie. It’s close.

Most sensitive: I know I’m a little more sensitive, but he has a very sensitive side that I am so graciously allowed to see. It makes me feel closer to him.

Loudest: Me, without a doubt.

Most Stubborn: Patrick.

Falls asleep first: It’s kind of a toss up. Depending on who is more tired that night.

Cooks better: Sorry, love, I know I do. I still love every concoction you make though.

Better morning person: Me, hands down.

Better driver: Patrick? It’s been a while since I’ve drove.

Most competitive: I think we are both tied for this one.

Funniest: I think we are both hilarious in our own ways.

Where do you eat out most as a couple: Normally in the bedroom. Depends on what we are feeling that night. You perv, I know what you were thinking. Well… Ya, you’re totally right.

Who is more social: I am.

Who is the neat freak: ME!!

Do you get flowers often: I do. He is a sweetheart.

How long did it take to get serious: Instantly.

Who plans date night: We just roll with it together.

Who picks where you go to dinner: Normally Patrick, but I chime in every once in a while, I’m getting better at it.

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong: We both are good at realizing when we get a little out of hand. This relationship is like none I’ve ever experienced before.

Who cries more: I do.

Who has more tattoos: He does. It’s sexy. I love them.

Who sings better: I guess I do, I don’t really hear him sing, ever.

Hogs the remote: Patrick

Spends the most money: I think we both do equally.

Did you go to the same school: We did. We now work at the same company, Aetna.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled?: Hmm.. Just all around Jacksonville. There will be plenty of adventure to be had in the future.

Who drives when you are together: Patrick.

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Disney Couple
He is mine. I’ve claimed him, we are now apart of the same pack.

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