So here lately I’ve been noticing that I have been replacing “My Favorite Song” with “My Soul Mate Song,” etc. and so forth. I do believe in soul mates. Something in me says that I have many soul mates, or “favorites.” I wasn’t born with my “soul sister,” I found that in Victoria and she found it in Ciara. We are both totally fine with that because we know we love each other and will always have each others backs no matter what situation we may be in. That’s sisterly love right there. (Battle Ready.)

The family we were born into is the one God placed us in and through Jesus we found our “extended family” OR “marriage.”

These are the thoughts that run through my head a lot. Just a little taste doesn’t hurt. Or does it?

So, Patrick bought me this salted caramel coffee for our new Keurig and it is amazingly delicious. I bought a Honey Bun one by Donut Shoppe. The best. He got some caffeinated Hot Cocoa. It’s actually really good too. Unless he really reads this without me feeling like I need to show him, I fill the cup 10oz. setting and then add a 3-count pour of M&Ms Creamer (Or any to your likin.)

That’s how I make your H.C. taste so good, babe. You get to have my “secret recipe” if you see this. BAM!

Writing that felt very, “Riddle Me This…” lol

It feels so good to write in here again. I get more therapy out of this than my own therapist (and she’s GOOD, don’t get me wrong). I’ve seen her for a while now and we already have blown my mind twice, so. I’m sticking with her, when the money is available. She understands my “struggle.”

So, I hate my job. Well, not my actual job (Ministry.) The Health Insurance Company. I think I’m about to finally fail and be let go from a job. It doesn’t bother me one bit. I am more of an outgoing social (in-person) person. That’s the honest to God real me. This whole “I’m reserved and to myself” bull crap is being squashed. This is who I was always meant to be but I hid her behind drugs and alcohol and relationships (both sexes). “Forgive Tom, Father, For He Did Not Know What He Did.”

“I’m on the Wrong Side of Heaven, but the Righteous Side of Hell.” Those lyrics are definitely resonating through me big time.

Happy Sunday, Everyone ❤

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