Most times I feel like I have to have everything together to create a post. Like I’m actually put together when in fact I am not one bit. I wanted to add pictures to this, but I have to finish something so I can do so. I’m such an interesting character. Yes, characters.

Just harms my credibility doesn’t? Nah. You’re happy and enjoying your every moment, they are not. Whoever is doubtful, hateful, drowning in self-loathing, that’s a shame, you should work on yourself. Yes. You. My existence has nothing to do with the mood you are in, the circumstances you are facing, and the life you may be living. I just bring forth something that triggers you and so you react. Simple, really.

I’m in an odd mood today, if I’m to be honest. I woke up feeling sick, took cold/flu Mucinex, and have just been kind of here. I’m having a lot of “out of body” feelings today. I don’t quite feel myself or comfortable in my body? It’s strange, but it is what it is. It’s like when two parts of me want to do one thing and one wants to do the other. So we compromise. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that easily. Today, we’re alright. Pretty in sync.

Weird thought. I bet if you put a super sensitive person into my body and had them live a day in my life, they would be in a mental institution within an hour. Tops. I’ve learned to learn with it but someone who hasn’t been conditioned their whole life? It would be enough of a shock to put you in a coma or just drop dead. That is personally how I feel. I am not afraid of my own mind anymore. I know it’s not going to do anything stupid because that means we are all gone then. Suicide is never the answer, kids. This isn’t a joke. I’ve dealt with it.

If I could be Deadpool and regenerate to save others, I would in a heart beat. Bring on the pain, heartache, and endless traumatic chaos that ensues. I am doing it for one. I have recently decided that I would be a Gray Jedi. I “walk the line.” I am enough of both to balance me out and do what is necessary on this mission: earth.

We literally simulate life.

I think it’s about time to frost the cake, if it’s cooled down enough. I go about 45 minutes to an hour so the icing doesn’t stick to the cake and pull it all up and make it look like a kid stuck their fingers all through it.

So, let me get on that and take a picture when I’m done with that task. What kind of foodie would I be if I didn’t show you the goods? Two words. Food. Porn.

The frosting tastes like Fruity Pebbles too… I’m dying.

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