It’s been so long. I tend to do this at some point during the year, have a “writers block” season. I literally feel like a little baby chick pecking his way through the shell and becoming life. I’m hoping this is the beginning of a good season of creativity and ideas. It’s still a little too soon to tell, but I’ve been feeling happy so that’s a good start.

Autumn is just around the corner and I am thrilled. Thus ends memories of bad times and sorrows. Time to pick up my hoodie, slap on some leggings, and cozy on up to the ones I love. Eddie and Patrick are my world, they are the sweet men in my life. How I’d be blessed the way I have been, I couldn’t tell you. The story has been written but I’m only halfway through. I’m excited to see where this part of my life goes. Each day is a new adventure and decisions to make. Finding this peace and calm within myself is absolutely beautiful. You know how many years it took me to find it? 33. Yup. This is spectacular beyond belief because I was always so riddled with anxiety.

I have a new understanding that I am saved through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He died for every single nasty sin I have, am currently, or ever will commit. The Holy Spirit keeps me safe and guides me. Even when making horrible decisions, I have my shield of protection to keep me in tact. Who knew the power of words could seem so magnificent?

This is one of my favorite types of therapy. Lord knows I’ve learned my fair share of tips, tricks, and methods that I have kept in my repertoire. Self-therapy has been some of the MOST successful therapy I’ve ever experienced. You want to know why? You ONLY know You Best. It’s just nice to take these things and use them for the better of ourselves.

Yes, I do speak with a therapist using Betterhelp. It’s wonderful and for such a short period of time talking, I’ve actually had a couple little positive breakthroughs. It took me until the second person to really help me out, but it’s worth it. Mental health is so pushed to the side, it seriously needs to be acknowledged. Internal is much more precious than external.

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