I’ve always been an awkward talker. Crazy, right? I tend to be able to think clearer when I am in my head space. Thinking the words, just not spewing out nonsense and hope it came close to what I was trying to say.

Writing. Writing is so much clearer. The way I am attracted to words and the way they spill out on the page is probably a sin. It’s beauty. Intimate. Taking time to put into words what’s all going on inside. Whether it’s through writing a short story, poem, speech, wedding vows, New York Best Seller, or sermon — it’s what comes from within that matters most. It’s where some of the best screen plays, operas, and jaunty tunes came from. Inside is where your soul can long and be passionate for whatever it desires as long as it’s genuine and pure.

Writer’s highs are very real. Just like the runner’s high, it makes all euphoric substances seem bleak and bland. Just you and your mind expelling years of things that make up who you are. What you’ve become. Each decision like a post-it note adding to the pile of literature written just for YOU. Stories are so unique. We could literally all be a motion picture, top of the charts, Grammy winning experience somewhere in our life stories. Who we’ve been called to be is such a unique and inspiring process that can only be given by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

It’s not a hard process to accept in your heart. It’s quite easy and yet one of the most difficult decisions one has to make. It’s just a matter of where in the story you begin. Beautiful, right?

I thought so.

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