Do you ever wonder if someone wrote about this awesome conversation or meeting they had with you in their own journal? Well… let me be the one to share a conversation I had with a woman I hope to further get to know.

I work at good ol’ Camp Bow Wow. We are a dog daycare/boarding facility and some of the most driven people by the cute little wags of our campers’ tails. We have fun. Truly. The people that work there were born to take care of animals. I feel I am one of those people as well. There’s a happiness that just spreads and watching the dogs play and being able to literally “pet all the dogs”, well, I’m in heaven. It takes away my worries of the world around me, makes me praise God for these miraculously beautiful creatures I get the honor of taking care of, and free kisses are a plus.

We are hiring and there have been mass interviews taking place. I’ve handed out my fair share of clipboards and applications in the 3 months I’ve been there. Then this one older lady walks in and I asked her who she was picking up. She wasn’t, she was here for a job interview. So I handed her the paperwork and I couldn’t find a clipboard. I felt horrible. So she started filling it out at the counter until a minute later when another applicant was finished, she then took a seat.

It was very constant up front, a lot of new people wanting information and tours of the place. I was helping an older couple who wanted their sweet pup to have some fun because he just sits in the house all day. We have some wonderful clients.

The lobby cleared out and it seemed the lady and I were the only ones up front. I asked how she was doing and found out her name was Valentina. Really pretty name. We soon were in such deep conversation that I didn’t realize what was going on around me. We had so much in common, things we’ve been through and the like. We also connected through Jesus. She mentioned she was new to the area and looking for a church to attend on Sundays and just didn’t want to go alone. I told her, I’d join her, I really need to find a physical church. That just turned into talk about how I work for an online ministry and giving her that information so she could join our next study and potentially my group.

The time spent with her for those ten minutes made my whole day. We expressed our love for Christ and in that amount of time exchanged numbers and she had a great interview. I told my manager that she needed to hire her on and give her a shot. To my surprise she absolutely agreed and so I look forward to getting to know my new friend through Christ. Only he can place these circumstances of “right place, right time”.

I love my job.

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