Can I just take a moment and admire the man who knows how to make a cup of coffee?

I slowly woke up this morning from another nightmare that had me confused as to where I was. It’s one I’ve been having a lot lately and it helps to wake up in his bed. Coming back to reality, I groggily reach for my shorts and shirt and tell myself, “It was only a dream…”.

Opening up the bedroom door to the living room I see a comfy man playing on his Playstation and cozied up in his red blanket. My mind is still in flight mode and as I glance over at him and then turn to walk towards the Keurig, he makes a noise and gestures for me to come over to him. Arms crossed, I walk over to him and sit down as he says, “I know you weren’t about to make some coffee, that’s my job.” When I tell you every worry melted away, I felt like chocolate in his big strong hands.

His kisses on my neck sent a tingle down my spine and those lips amped up the love I was already feeling. Looking into those eyes reassured me that I was given such an amazing gift and I needn’t worry about it any longer. I am secure and safe with this man.

He likes to surprise me with flavors and for a man who does not like coffee, he is the mixologist of baristas. This one got me today, it was chocolate cherry and it smells just like a cherry cordial and tastes even better than one. I have quite the plethora of creamers to choose from and he always knows which flavor pairs perfectly with each cup. Call it luck, call it fate, but I was always told in my family that the right one will always know how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

I really want to make a “Hebrews” joke right now, but it’s so cliche. Let’s just say, it goes nicely while I work on projects for the ministry. I never knew life could be this simplistically blissful and I’m cherishing every moment of it.

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