Have you seen the episode of Spongebob where he has to write a paper and gets stuck on the very first word? He finds distractions and things to occupy his time just so he doesn’t have to start. That stuck feeling and not knowing what to write, or having too much to write and don’t know where to start is how I’ve been feeling for over a month now. I keep telling myself to “just write already” and figure that the rest would flow eventually. I’m not writing for an audience, I’m writing for myself to release emotion and go on about my day.

I’d like to challenge myself to write a post a day. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a sentence or some random thing, I want to hold myself accountable. I physically write every day, that’s something I can’t do without. As much as I love the way my fingers gently glide across the keys, nothing beats pen to paper and the unique writing style that is me.

I have this background on my computer and it really soothes me every time I look at it…

I like to write from inspiration. So, the other day I wrote:

The sun shone through the slats of the gate as I took a brisk morning walk around a quarter to eight. The ground was soft and pillowy from the freshly stained dew as my boots crunched on the path to the faint sounds of “Moooooo…” The Lord warmed my face as I hugged my cardigan tight and squinted my eyes through the heavenly light. The cool air hung in my lungs as I took a deep breath and held onto the moment before exhaling regret. God’s beautiful creation hangs like a picture in the sky, if only I would stop and hang out more than just swing by.

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