Everybody wants to be recognized, it doesn’t matter who you are. We have a want to “be someone” or “leave a legacy”. Some exclaim they don’t want to be seen to secretly be seen. It’s a need of the flesh. Sometimes we pretend to be someone we are not. It’s hard to hide behind a mask just so you feel like you matter.

There are so many ways to be seen, good and bad. You could have won the lottery unexpectedly or the headline story on the news because you got into a major accident. Maybe you are an award-winning author, a gaming streamer, “influencer”, or the lead singer of your church. There are so many ways to be noticed in this lifetime but for what? Personal satisfaction? Achievements and possessions that won’t mean anything once you are gone from the world? How about being remembered for the meal you shared with a friend? Taking time to visit an old folks home to be of company… there are so many things.

There is no point to what I am saying, it’s just random thoughts that go through my head during the day. Everyone who takes the time to read the nonsense I spew, you are seen. I appreciate that you see me as well.

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