So, what’s been going on you ask? I’ve contemplated packing for the last three weeks just to get it done. Everything has to be out by the first of July, so I still have time, but it’ll feel rushed. Typical “Me” style, I am the procrastinator of procrastination. I have a bookshelf I would like to get to this week to have that done. Our whole second room is just filled with boxes, how hard is it to grab one and start packing the stuff in? Apparently extremely…

I’ve found that my time is mostly spent reading the plethora of books I have on the coffee table. Whatever one piques my interest at the moment. I’ve got this gratitude journal that you take 2-3 minutes of your time and write out whatever it prompts. I enjoy it, but a lot of times I have no words. I’m grateful for everything in my life, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I have nothing to say.

The same goes with study books that have questions at the end of the chapters to help you improve whatever it is you feel you need to improve in your life. I like to read and let it sink in because if I look over the questions, I’ll just overwhelm myself. I’m reading this book “Find Your People” by Jennie Allen and it’s quite enjoyable so far. I have asked God to put a decent friend in my life because I feel I only have acquaintances. So he led me to Alexa and we started a group for women in Christ. It has been a long and patient wait for someone like her to come about in my life, but I feel it’s a blessing.

I’ve been cooking dinner a lot lately. A lot of rice dishes. It has felt so much better cooking and eating from home. I enjoy it quite a bit. The things I’ve found enjoyable in my life are coming in waves of being interested and not. I haven’t been listening to music and it kills a part of me not to. I just, I don’t know…

I’ve been watching a lot of videos about health and overeating. When I start to notice I’ve gained weight, I go down that rabbit hole again. My insides haven’t been feeling the greatest lately and it’s just from extended use of substances I no longer wish to partake in. Thinking and doing are two completely separate things and sometimes I wonder if I realize this.

So I’ve been binging on channels where they do their makeup and tell murder stories. There are a few on YouTube that is really worth the watch if you are into that stuff. I’ve only recently found out about my little obsession. Then to the extreme opposite, I have been watching a lot of sermons as well. My interest varies.

My mom just sent me pictures of my son playing with new pool toys. I always look forward to spending time with him over the weekends. He is such a sweetheart. I’m so proud of the progress he has made. His last day of Kindergarten is next Thursday. My baby is going to be a 1st grader. There are not enough good things I could say about him.

We’ve been playing on his Xbox a lot more recently because he is very impressed by the Injustice 2 game on there. He is quite the Batman fan. He’s got skill, that’s all I’m saying. We will play Among Us together and Roblox and the enjoyment he gets out of it is darling. He loves to call me “such a noob…” I don’t blame him, I’m not that great at games most of the time. Watching him grow up into a little man is such a gift and God has truly blessed our family with him. I feel he was put here not only for me but for my mom at just the right time. Eddie is her passion and the love she gives is some of the best, I should know, I’m her daughter.

I bought some honey mangos the other day and I am really thinking about trying that out tonight while I watch my murder videos. LOL, I’m okay, I promise. 😉

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