I have extreme pain in my lower back and legs all the time. I have fibro flares all of the time and then it mixes with the ulcers in my esophagus and stomach. So I soothe myself with Naproxen and Tramadol. Sucralfate helps the throbbing and pain from ulcers. I’ve noticed lately that I start to feel good on my pain med and then decide if I take one more, I’ll feel even better and synthetically happier. That’s how I know I’m an addict through and through. I have that addictive personality anyway, so, I never put it past myself.

I’m telling myself to just chill out and enjoy the moment I’m in with minimal pain and instrumental jazz in the background. It made me want to write. Any chance I get when I feel like spewing words, I do it. I love it yet don’t do it like I used to.

Today has been so breezy and beautiful because of the tropical storm we ended up with for one day. I will take it. I’m going on a walk around the neighborhood tonight with my son, we could both use it. Disconnect and reconnect with nature. More soothing for the soul, I’m all for it. It’s just nice to have a fall day in sunny Saint Augustine, Florida.

Maple coffee this morning tasted sweeter and writing posts for my small group was relaxing. I love when there is just enough chill for a light sweater. I am a hoodie gal. I have so many. I am not a warm weather person, go figure.

Patrick ordered us apple watches, both a really pretty forest green. I found a Fox and the Hound face for the watch, it’s so cute. I love Disney dogs and animals so much. I just want to surround myself with them. I can’t wait to have my own dog again, it’s really hard living with my family while we wait for our apartment to open up. We’ve still got a couple months before that. I just miss decorating and all of that fun stuff is in our storage unit.

I’ve made sure I have plenty of candles and wax cubes for it to be esthetically pleasing. I’m loving the Pumpkin Waffle candle and Mystic Fog, that one smells like rice crispy treats. Yum. Sweet treats that I don’t need to eat. We bought these mini donuts at WalMart knowing that was such a bad move. They are so cute though and Eddie will love them in the morning with coffee. My sweet boy is just like his Mommy.

This is my happiness. I am blessed with such a fun, caring, and compassionate child. He is a saving grace in my life.

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