My son is officially a Tiger Scout. I am so excited for him to have these experiences. To top it off, Patrick made himself the official den leader of the 1st-grade Tigers. My jaw dropped. I told him he didn’t have to do it. You could see something spark inside of him that made my heart melt instantly.

We had a meeting last night to go over what it all entails and it was really nice. They had all the kids go on stage and learn the first two steps for their Bobcat badge. Everyone put two fingers in the air to represent wolf ears. She explained wolves are vigilant and quiet, always aware of their surroundings. The symbol is meant to be silent. So she counted to three and had them scream as loud as they could, then quickly put up two fingers and they all fell silent. Such a neat new trick to use at home.

After giving that a couple tries, she placed the two fingers beside her temple and right eyebrow and said that’s how they solute the flag while they do the pledge of allegiance and Scout’s honor pledge. Eddie was looking directly at me as he was doing this and it made me proud. He wanted Mama to be happy for him and believe me, I am. I want him to grow up a respectable young man and if Scouts is how it happens, I’m all for it. Is it my cup of tea? Not necessarily, but I have a feeling it will grow on me.

When they were done on stage they filed out and all made bottle rockets to shoot off while the parents listened in on all the other goodies. It felt right sitting next to Patrick as he squeezed my hand and held it close to his body. I have finally found my person. My actual soul person. Everything about every moment we spend together is damn near perfect. Even when my mind wanders, even when I doubt, it’s ALL in my head. I trust this man with all my heart, soul, body, and mind.

At the end of the meeting, while Patrick was turning in his information, I felt complete inside. I was just sitting back watching things happen and talking with the ladies but I couldn’t tell you what was said. I was in a moment of enjoyment and I rarely get moments like that outside of the house. Eddie talked her ear off earlier while we were in the meeting and said she was his favorite. She handed me a glow-in-the-dark frisbee to give to Eddie because he “deserved it”. It was really sweet.

We walked out of the cafeteria, pitch black outside, and I see Eddie talking to a police officer. Once he spotted us he yelled out, “Mommy! I met a police officer!” The excitement in his eyes was explosive and it made me happy he was talking to a man of respect. We said our goodbyes and headed off toward the car. Patrick told him the news, he was going to be a den leader.

When we returned home there was automatic sexual tension between him and me. There are these times when things are just good and we see that in each other and the love radiates off of us. To see a man, in my life, who wants to be a fatherly figure to my son? Waterworks. I rarely have seen that in his life up until now. It’s manly and responsible and turns me on, what can I say? It’s all I’ve ever wanted for my son. This bond they will create is going to be so strong and I want to watch this, stepped back, and just enjoy.

So he had to take a 72-minute course to become a den leader and went ahead and knocked that out as soon as we got home, quiz and all. It was adorable. This, to me, shows dedication and that deserves reward.

Needless to say, as soon as he got into bed, he turned me toward his body and pressed down against me while his lips found mine. Feeling his excitement and sucking on his lip as we kissed more and more passionately was a memory I don’t want to forget. We turned around and I pushed him inside of me the feeling was intoxicating. The more I moved on top of him, the more I felt our souls combine and the passion run down my legs, onto his hips. When he whispered he was close, he slid out of me and I knew where he wanted to finish, he deserved it. I ran my mouth down to his flesh and began to move up and down, tongue running along his excitement. Finally, I felt him pump, and warm sweet love seep into my mouth as I swallowed his passion, not missing a drop. Something I am fond of doing when I get the chance.

As much as I love this man, for all that he is, there is no comparison to the love we make, and make every time.

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