Today Patrick and I celebrate our 3-year anniversary. We’ve come a very long way through all we’ve been through. He has stuck by my side through absolute hell and back. All through the years, might I add.

The first day he came to my house I knew I never wanted him to be out of my life. I knew right then and there that he was going to be mine. Needless to say, he felt the exact same way. I remember standing in the kitchen after taking a shot of whisky and he took my face into his hands and said he was going to save me and I would never have to worry again. He brought his lips down to mine and pressed hard against them. It was so passionate and a kiss I’ll never forget.

He took me into the bathroom and put his hands around me from behind and said to look in the mirror and my smile was spread so far across my face. He said he loved seeing me so happy. It makes me sad that I don’t remember a lot about the first two days we hung out at my house.

I remember sitting down on the couch and we started talking about everything and I got to watch him cry, which no one ever does, is how he explains it. It was an honor for him to be so vulnerable with me. I know some of it was because of how broken and sad I was. Then I remember starting to black out and I could hear Maddy come to the front and take over. I remember watching her wave and introduce herself and then that was it. She is a promiscuous one.

He ended up slowly taking off her leggings and began parting her lips with his tongue gently, licking up and down in a rhythmic motion. Squirming my hips back and forth, the feeling was like nothing I’d experienced before. His tongue like magic, continued to lick up and down my clit and slowly around as his fingers found my damp insides, thrusting them in and out slowly at first, gaining speed and I started to spill out onto them. He pulled my legs apart even wider and lifted them up as he slid his tongue deep into my pussy, tasting every part of me that he could manage to get his tongue on. His nose was deep in my scent and his beard dripped with my excitement. My legs were quivering at this point and I could feel the warm rush finally I came and could hear him slurping up the mess I had made. It was a little embarrassing, but so fucking sexy.

He stood me up and grabbed my hand to follow him into the bedroom. He lay down on the bed and his thick rock hard cock stared straight at me. I straddled his manhood and slunk down onto of him, a moan escaping my lips. I couldn’t contain myself and started to thrust myself onto him, in and out and in and out as fast and hard as I could. I wanted to feel every single inch of him inside of me. Bouncing up and down on his cock and feeling him pulsate when I would come slamming down onto his hips. It was like I was in another world, one with only him and I, one I only wanted to be in from there on out.

As soon as he was about to come I hopped off of him and rolled on my stomach because I was exhausted from all of the excitement that just went on. I, unfortunately, passed out for quite some time. When I came to, I felt him rubbing my butt gently up and down and it felt so comforting. I could feel him watching me as I turned around and said, “Hi.” He smiled down at me and I put my head on his chest for a little while, just listening to his breathing, the rise and fall were soothing. For once in all the chaos that was my life, I felt this peace and this calm I never experienced before.

Knowing he had to leave soon made it so difficult, both unbeknownst to each other until later on, we sobbed when we parted. This love. It’s forever. It’s soul love. I am convinced there is no other man in the world that can ever top the love he has for me. I’m not willing to find out either.

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