I’m not sure what has gotten into me lately. All I can think of is how I want to be intimate with Patrick every minute of every second of the day. The way this life has been lately is beyond what I’ve ever thought capable and this love continue to grow in so many ways.

We were sitting in bed cuddled up to each other watching the newest episode of Hell’s Kitchen and just started talking about the future. He is gung ho about getting a Dodge Durango and wants the license plate, “Doug”. If you don’t get it, look it up. We have been looking at gray with red stripes, black with red stripes, gray with black stripes, and black with blue stripes. So far the gunmetal gray with red is the winner. It’s a sexy car, not going to lie and the sound it makes when it revs up is guttural and deep. It’s an arousing sound.

He suggested that it can be our wedding present to ourselves. We are getting married next year and that has been one thing figured out. It may just be on paper and a court marriage, but we want to wait until my sister’s baby is walking and we can all make it something small and special. We want to do a breakfast buffet and have a morning wedding. We would serve eggs (however you want it), bacon, sausage, ham, hash, pancakes, waffles, french toast, bagels, lox, toast, and fun little breakfast dishes for the little ones. Drinks would be coffee, water, orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, and hot chocolate, but it will absolutely be a dry wedding.

If some decide to bring a flask to accompany their beverage, so be it, but it won’t be served. Sorry. No mimosas. Period.

I am looking forward to a life that is full of sobriety and happiness and being able to live it to the fullest. I’m already experiencing it and I never thought I would be as happy as I am without a shot in my hand.

Music is enjoyable again, such as reading, writing, walking, biking, cooking, playing with Eddie, going out, and doing things. It’s absolute madness but the best kind of madness I could ever imagine. Little things motivate me and it’s pure bliss again.

As Patrick held his hand in mine and I kept slowly sliding my hand up his thigh, I only inches close to him and slid it back down. I kept hissing his leg further and further up and looking up into his eyes. Those eyes mesmerize and hypnotize me in all the best ways. Having conversations like that put me in a mood every time.

I got him a Gangar (Pokemon) Air Pod Pros case and the plug is in his ass. A kink he must have and as Patrick mentioned that I do too. I want to put one in and surprise him and then have him play with it a little and then enter into me, hard and ready to take my hole as deep as he can. I am so horny. I have been. Our sex life here lately has been so fucking amazing. Daddy, I’m ready, and he knows what I want tonight. Better go get my wolf tail in. Surprise, surprise Sweetness …

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