So all I’ve been wanting to do is be creative and do projects. I have to force myself to do them once I start them, but they eventually get done. I made pumpkin seeds from one I finally carved today. I started that two days ago and didn’t attempt to finish until this afternoon for some reason. I printed out color pages for Halloween and a MadLib for my son and me to do together.

You know what I really want? I want a word search puzzle book. I love doing those. They are so relaxing. I painted rocks and would love to do more. I want to paint a couple pumpkins and do Pokemon-themed. I just want to do things and I don’t know what they are because I’m bored. My new job doesn’t start until November 14th and I’m bored out of my mind. I almost wished I could’ve stayed until the end of this move over at PP.

So … Patrick and I are going to get our marriage license tomorrow morning. It makes my eyes leak every time I think about it. I just can’t believe this is happening. Then three days later we are going to the courthouse to get married. This is so much more than I could’ve ever imagined and I couldn’t see my life in anyone else’s arms but his.

The sex we’ve been having is ridiculous. The way our bodies have been wanting each other is just amazing. I want so much more of it. I can’t help it.

We had a sweet date night yesterday. We had a nice frisky little session beforehand to kind of warm us up and then we went to a couple stores and out to Red Robin for dinner. It was really good. He also treated us to ice cream afterward. When we got home we were both pretty tired. He sat down in his gaming chair for a little while and I curled up under the covers and started to doze.

It could have been ten minutes, a half hour, or a little more but I felt him reach between my legs and kiss me hard and ask what I wanted to do. I wanted to taste him while he tasted me so that’s exactly what we did. Taking every inch and licking everywhere I could just to get him so hard and turned on made me drip all over his face. I love pushing myself against his lips and feeling his tongue enter deep and sweetly.

I removed myself from the position and sat on top of him and he held himself inside just waiting, making me want him even more. He said he was going to cum and he would show me how. He pounded himself so deep into me over and over and over until I began to squeeze onto him tightly and he finally released and we lay panting and kissing each other’s face and saying “I love you” …

I love being able to express myself now and not feel ashamed. This relationship is beautiful and when I get to describe it, it’s even better. I’m thinking it’s time for a little bit of ice cream and a scary movie. I need to cool off.

Sounds good to me.

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