So, we did a thing today. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. I honestly just couldn’t believe we were going to go and make this a reality. A “Thing”. So I slowly climbed out of bed while he was still asleep.

I went to go wake up a sleepy Eddie from his slumber to get him ready for school. It was a late start to the morning, and the bed was just too comfy, I totally get it. He finally rolled, literally, out of bed and walked into the bathroom, blanket, and all to get ready. He has a snowman blanket he has babied since he was a baby. It’s the greatest thing.

He got dressed, his hair combed, his teeth brushed, and PB&J devoured by the television. Bugsy and Morty assumed the position in hopes that a crumb of sandwich would just fall to the floor where they could fight over who gets it. It’s not like I don’t feed them the crust I cut off before handing it off to the little man. Once his shoes and socks were placed on his feet we headed out the door and off to school we went. It’s nice, we literally live not even two miles from the school. Easy drop-off and pick-up. When he gets older, he can just walk.

I got home and decided it was a loud Grateful Dead jam sesh as I took my shower. I got this new Morrocan shampoo and conditioner by Sauve and it smells amazing. I used fresh sea salt body wash and scrubbed my sore legs. My fibro is so bad right now. Even when I stand up, my legs go stiff and I can’t walk right for a good minute or so once they get heated up. Is this something I should bring up with my doctor? I feel like this is something I should bring up with my doctor.

Once I got done scrubbing, washing, and toweling off, it was on to hair and makeup. I’ve loved this cherry chocolate look I’ve been doing lately. I continued humming “Truckin’” and I couldn’t stop thinking about what we were about to do. I threw on some clothes and dried my hair and then slowly started turning on lights and opening up the windows to awaken my King. I sat down next to him and let him know I skipped my walk today so I could get ready. He mumbled and goes, “Mmhmm” and starts to stretch. He normally plays a game on his phone to wake himself up and then he threw on his outfit, and cologne, combed his hair and we were good to go. I love how it takes me almost an hour and him ten minutes.

We held hands all the way to the Clerk of Courts to finally get our Marriage License. We got a little lost walking around the building, but finally found the correct set of doors. We went through the metal detectors and out the door to the next office.

It was nice and quiet inside and there was only one person ahead at one of the windows. A minute later a nice lady called us over. We gave all our information and signed our lives over to each other and were handed a marriage license. We have two wait three days until we can get married. So. October 27th, 2022 will have to do. It can be done right at the same place we got this done and we will be hitched. I can finally go #FromClarkToKrehemker


That was petty, but it’s been a long time coming, okay, let me have this. We left and kissed and went to breakfast afterward. He has an appointment in Jacksonville after so it all worked out beautifully. The calm and amount of love in my heart are generous and gracious. I can’t believe the way the Lord works in our lives. I never knew this is what was needed, who I was supposed to be with all along. He is my soulmate. What was even funnier is he said what I was thinking when we were walking through the courtyard, “It looks like our high school courtyard.” I busted out laughing and said, “Yes, yes it does …”

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