So I started reading “It Starts With Us” by Colleen Hoover. It’s already great. I like the way she does each chapter as one of the characters then the other. I have noticed that she is a slow-to-get-started type of author. Those are the best. It makes you maybe not want to continue reading but then it hits you and you are hooked. I love it, like reading foreplay, then getting to the good juicy part. Don’t mind all the sex on the brain, it’s just been a thing lately.

I was able to establish a USAA account today because of my soon-to-be husband. It was nice to set it up without being married just yet. All that can be done now and then once I hit the social security office to change my name,(I am so giddy inside) I can change it on everything. I will not let myself change it on FB yet. I have to wait until Thursday. Geez!

My insides are all over the place in a good way. I just want to do all of the things and be positive and happy. This feeling is amazing and I’m just enjoying it whilst it’s around because it can’t stay this way forever. Well, I mean, it can, when eternity takes over. Then it can and I’ll remember this feeling fonder than ever. What an awesome thing to think about. To experience peace, happiness, and love at such an extreme height that if you felt it now, you’d implode! Your soul is all that’s left then it can travel up to Heaven.

I’m in my “creative” mindset at the moment. Meaning all is fair play with what I get to write about. Do you know what kind of sucks? This last book we are reading for OBS. I have never been able to get into it except for a couple chapters sporadically. I’m struggling to get through the last chapter just to have something for the ladies in the group. It’s the last week, so I don’t plan to go too far on it, plus, I’ve got a lot going on around me that is taking my attention away from it.

I know that’s selfish of me, but I (here comes the excuse) AM GETTING MARRIED. It’s going to be Legen …. WAIT FOR IT … ahhhhhh … DARY! Legendary.

We want a breakfast bar. Our little reception get-together will be sometime in a year or so when little Max can walk and be in our wedding alongside Eddie. Eddie is going to be one heck of a cousin to him. I am so excited to see our kids play together. How gently Eddie will handle the baby and “teach him everything and keep him safe!” Eddie said no one will take him, he won’t let him. As sweet as that sounds, it hurts my stupid Mama’s heart because I was such a screwup in the beginning. I regret a lot of what I put him through.

We don’t even have rings. Did I mention that? I think we are just going to get matching tattoos with the date. I don’t know. Just spitballing here.

What do I want to do?! I need to mail out that rock one of my ladies won for a giveaway. I could do that. I could paint some more. I’m impatient and I just want to walk around somewhere. But where …

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