Having a copy of your birth certificate so you can change your social tomorrow. I had to go through a hell step to get it, but no questions asked, I received a picture of my certificate to print.

I love when I feel like I have my shit together, even when I probably don’t. Who really cares?

Oh, another good thing … the apartments finally called us back and we now have a move-in date of December 15th. Things are coming together really nicely. We are number 204 and I love how even it is. There is something about numbers and when she didn’t give me it right away, I panicked. Yeah, that’s how messed up my insides are. She was very prompt to send the welcome letter with the number and it made my heart so happy. It seems like a good number to end 2022 and begin 2023.

Married, employed, the living situation is taken care of, new tabby kitties as Christmas presents, a new car for a marriage gift to us … He received a raise. I just can’t get over what a good life can feel like when you’ve been through hell and back.

I’ve been through the chaos and almost dying to get to where I am right here, right now. Don’t think this has been easy or a fucking walk through the park, because I had to go through so much to get where I’m at. It’s frustrating to think about, how long life was just a dark sludge mucky and muddy mire.

I broke through and I get to see a light and it was not dim, it was pretty bright and beautiful and it was mine. God granted me the gift of seeing His light in my life and it’s because of how much I love, trust, and believe in Him. We don’t deserve any of this life, it has been a gift given and I am going to cherish everything even the bad because it brought me to where my life was meant to be.

Sober living is a blessing. It can be boring at times, I won’t lie, but it’s so worth it. I promise. Please believe in the power of a sober mind because I promise you won’t make it. It’s a sad fact. You have to want it. Do it. Please. Life can be beautiful again. Even if it’s the 1,001 times you’ve had to make the decision to become sober. God loves you and I love you. Be blessed, friends.

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