That day was just meant to be. Everything went so well and when you said, “Things that need to just fall in place.”, I knew everything was going to be alright.

So, want to know the really cute thing? The night before Patrick couldn’t sleep. He was struggling the whole night because he was secretly excited. Yup. It was adorable. It’s cute when he pretends like he isn’t excited or nothing is really worth showing emotion because it is under there ready to burst and I see when it does.

I honestly slept pretty well. I was relaxed about it all, which I normally never am. Especially for something that big. I just felt good. I still do. I got up and took Eddie to school and came home to get ready. Once made up and dressed I waited for Pat to wake up and play the game on his phone. Never fails. I get a wakeup ritual, I’ve got them too.

I sat in Pops’ chair and was just looking over the room and thinking about things, getting excited about Eddie’s party at school the next day. He asked if anything was wrong and I said, “Nope, just thinking.” Sometimes I just sit and stare and think and I hope it doesn’t make me seem impatient or like I’m waiting on something. This has been since I was little. Woo. Problems.

He got up and dressed and we headed out the door.

The drive there we listened to music and every song was perfect for the occasion. It’s seriously, everything in its place. We arrived and sat there for a minute and then started walking to the courthouse. Once inside we came to no one in line again and called directly to the window. I literally said, “We’re lookin’ to get married.” What an interesting way to put it, huh?

The guy started to do the thing and we said the “I dos” and while we were holding each others hands, looking at each other with passion, I noticed the tears he was holding back. His face gets red, his eyes glisten and he starts to kind of shake, like he is cold. It was sweet because I knew the emotions he was feeling were so intense but he has a hard time showing them. When he does it is absolutely adorable.

I looked him directly in the eyes while I said “I do” and I meant the shit out of them. His kiss, even if just a quick one, was one I will remember as long as I shall live.

We received our marriage certificate and headed to the social security office. When we got there only two people were ahead of us and the wait took about ten minutes, two being with the lady to get it taken care of. Out the door, we were back on the road. I was not expecting us to take 45 minutes to get everything done. We decided to go by Walmart until GameStop opened up at 11. It was the first time going as a married couple. Everything is a first. Just like yesterday.

GameStop ended up being the longest wait of everything. It made us giggle, that was crazy. The line was long, the customers were confused and talkers, and the poor girl behind the counter had to keep up the enthusiasm in her voice for far too long. I ended up getting a cute mug that says “Cathulhu” and it has a cat face, it’s adorable.

Lunch was Zaxby’s and it was delicious. I love their hot honey mustard tossed grilled chicken cobb salad. It’s great, trust me. We enjoyed our lunch together on the bed watching Hells Kitchen and then enjoyed our dessert even more.

It was the first time making love as a married couple. It felt so deep and connected and loving. I love that man. I can’t believe I married my best friend.

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