So unfortunately I had food poisoning from a new little chicken tender place we tried. I knew something was off after I ate and I know it was the blackened ranch that I tried and devoured through. That’s what came back up, nothing I wanted to taste twice.

So, today I finally feel about 80 percent and it never fails, I always push myself too much when I start to notice I’m feeling better. I decided the day before that our room is so messy and I needed to start packing. Those things tend to run through my head as I’m constantly in and out of sleep all day wishing I could do something other than run to the bathroom every ten minutes. I hate stomach bugs.

I’m just glad that I can hold solids down again. What a relief. I feel ravenous, but I am making myself be good and chill out for the time being. I need to take it easy, I just literally got over this thing, or at least at the end of it.

I decided to start packing. I got all of our Funko Pops in a huge box that my sister provided. It was perfect. I’ve condensed the shelving down to one tall row of things that need to be boxed. This doesn’t include the stuff on the walls or all of the clothes or any of that. It’s nice that we live with my parents until next month because I’m sure they won’t mind if we take a little time to get our things out. We still have a storage unit to unload. Fun.

I still have the desk to tackle and what’s under it. I’m trying to take mental notes of what I want to do. It’s hard when Patrick’s little area is right where it all needs to be done. He may have to take a day and just be on his laptop while I take care of business.

I like to get on things way before I need to. I’m glad it’s just one room I’m packing up and not a whole condo. Yuck. I do need to also get all of my coffee mugs in order from the kitchen. I love my mug collection, I won’t forget those. We’ve got tons of blankets to bring. I have a little obsession with them. Who doesn’t? It’s comfort.

My ulcers are flaring up and I took my meds for that doing all the heavy lifting and trying to do things before I feel better isn’t helping.

I went to the doctor the other day and I had an x-ray of my lower back and leg. I have moderate sciatica, mild arthritis in my lower back, a couple slipped discs, and degenerative disc disease. Even more to add to the wonderful things that are in my life.

I was given a steroid to take to help relieve some of the inflammation on my nerve. I was also provided a muscle relaxer, Tizanidine, to take at night. I haven’t taken it yet, but I was told it’ll make me sleep. That is actually a good thing because I have had issues with that since coming off Seroquel.

I’m just glad I’m taking care of myself again, I put myself on the back burner for so long and I’m tired of it. I’m getting my stomach issues resolved and seeing my gastro in December. I’ve got things in a nice neat little pile of healing. I think I enjoy writing a whole lot more again, that’s the best thing of all.

So as I sit here, I hear my son playing pinball with my Gram and it is so sweet to hear their laughter together. I smell chicken parm burgers cooking in the oven, it literally smells like an Italian restaurant in here. My Mom is a pretty good cook. She’s got Redzone playing the Sunday games and it just makes my heart full. It reminds me of before Chris got sick and we were all happy. If only this little bout of nausea would take care of itself, it would be perfect.

I’m watching Patrick play his game and he always melts my heart whatever he does. As for how I’m feeling, I’m pretty happy and it’s a really great Sunday.

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