Yesterday was a special day, we got to celebrate my sister and her husband at her baby shower. She is due at the end of January and I am so happy for them. This is something she has wanted since she was a little girl. She had the family dream before I ever did and I know she will be such a wonderful mother to little Max.

There was a plethora of treats that everyone made, cookies galore! Gram made her famous chocolate and peanut butter fudge. It is a memory that we take all back with us to kids when she first introduced us to “fudge off the spoon.” She would make a whole tin of fudge and we had a designated spoon and we would scoop out the mouth-watering morsels and eat it right from it. Now, this was obviously pre-covid. We are talking 25-plus years. Man, that dates me. I was probably 9? Wow…

The house looked spectacular, there were games sprawled all over the place for us to play. My favorite game is always the word scramble, which I just barely yelled out I was done right after the first lady (who won a prize already, mind you). Gram won a mug with goodies and a candle, which she ended up giving me to light at home. She is unable to light candles because heavy smells get to her and the Balsam Fir wasn’t exactly her friend when it comes to that. I thought it was lovely. I didn’t even have to ask for it. She is like my second Mom and always will be. I would be nothing without her in my life.

Dad brought in a HUGE tray from Chick-fil-A and I’m telling you, from the time he walked in the door, not an hour or so later, it was ALL gone. Talk about the holy grail of chicken from the holy grail himself. It was nuts. I had no appetite but everything looked amazing. Hayley was shining as the Mother Glow does. She literally blew up from the last time I saw her and that’s when that look is the absolute best. It reminds you that being a Mom is so close and how much you love your sweet bundle of joy cooking in the oven.

Patrick and I ended up getting her a Rugrats swaddle blanket, a couple dino outfits, a towel and washcloth set, a toy Xbox baby controller, and a box of diapers. I’m telling you, diapers are probably the best gift anyone could receive when becoming a parent.

It was very bittersweet. It reminded me of when I had a baby shower and the joy that it brings. I can’t tell you how much punch, hot chocolate, and water I consumed. I mean, if they will have all the “good stuff” why not indulge, right? Liquid calories were just fine for me. I need to be okay with eating and not feeling guilty when I do, but I’m not starving myself.

Anyway, I have a couple of pictures I will plug in here.

Here are a couple pictures of Eddie’s elves doing their thing as well, he has really been enjoying it.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend and enjoying the time spent together.

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