Short and Sweet

Day 11-Favorite Halloween Candy Whatever this is, I want because I’m a HUGE fan of Kit Kats and M&Ms! Day 12-How You Act When Watching A Scary Movie A lot of the times it’s uncanny the resemblance to the face I make. It’s kind of a cross between, “What the heck?!” and “Uh…that’s disturbing.”

Blogtober Day 10-Bittersweet

Day 10-Most Sentimental Costume You’ve Ever Worn As odd as this may seem, I want to share exactly what I wrote On October 11th, 2013 about the night of October 31st, 2011. “In 2011 I went as a ‘sexy’ Cubs baseball player, I also worked at WD Liquor store at that time. I had beenContinue reading “Blogtober Day 10-Bittersweet”

So Random

This picture started something that I enjoy doing so much and so I want to document cute little moments that make me happy. I sent this picture to Patrick in a message and here is how the rest played out as we continued to make up band names: Patrick: Cooler Than Absolute Zero Me: EverybodyContinue reading “So Random”

Blogtober Day 8/9

Day 8 Blogtober: You know you are behind a day, right? Me: Yes, thanks for sharing, I do have a life outside WordPress. Blogtober: Right. So ready for your question? Me: (Joe Swanson Style) Blogtober: Yea..So what was one of your paranormal experiences? Me: What paranormal experience? Blogtober: I don’t know…it’s just one of myContinue reading “Blogtober Day 8/9”

I’m Not Consistent (FYI)

I know, I know. Only day 6 and already have fallen behind. Don’t worry, I called myself a slacker too. My weekends are normally pretty busy so it’s hard to find time to sit down and write, let alone sit down and think. So, why not get this party started and just play a bitContinue reading “I’m Not Consistent (FYI)”

Blogtober Day Two

Day Two: This Year’s Halloween Costume Let’s just say I wear festive Halloween leggings, a black tank top, and tight black sweater. That’s about it. Now as far as my sweet little son, he decided to be The Hulk this year. I decided to take a picture of it next to his pretty awesome JackContinue reading “Blogtober Day Two”

31 Days of Blogtober

So I’ve officially decided that my love of Halloween and everything spooky means I am going to do a 31 day challenge on a variety of things. This is one of my absolute favorite times of year. I did, however, get some inspiration from Tatterhood as she is doing a 31 Days of type deal.Continue reading “31 Days of Blogtober”

Autumnal Rant

Autumn. Fall. Whatever you want to call it. I finally woke up and felt that “autumnal feeling.” Usually, living in Florida, it takes me a while to feel this way, but for some reason it’s like I woke up in a wonderful mood. Again, happier during this time of the year. I guess it couldContinue reading “Autumnal Rant”

Early Morning Chill Vibes

It’s funny how I used to be so paranoid about not getting enough sleep or thinking my body couldn’t handle itself if I slept less than 8 hours. Ever since my traumatic situation, all of that has completely flown out the window. Whatever sleep I do get is cherished and I feel refreshed when myContinue reading “Early Morning Chill Vibes”