Blogtober Memorable Movie Moment

Day 25- A Favorite Memorable Movie Moment in Horror

Ade Due Damballa. Give me the power, I beg of you!! Leveau mercier du bois chaloitte. Secoise entienne mais pois de morte. Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette. Endelieu pour du boisette damballa!! -Jennifer Tilly

This by far has to be one of my “most memorable movie moments” in horror films. I have always been a huge Chucky fan and when they introduced Jennifer Tilly I almost lost myself. I love this cute murderous couple during Halloween. Something about her holding a “Voodoo for Dummies” book and trying to revive her killer doll boyfriend is just something you’d never imagine. Am I right? It’s humorous fake dark magick? You have to add the “K” or it isn’t real “magic.” I crack myself up…

Blogtober Halloween Music

Day 24- Favorite Halloween Song

I don’t take this stuff too lightly. There is one band who just screams Halloween to me, The Misfits. I don’t normally listen to them until around this time of year, so I’ll share a couple of their songs that are partial to me.

Die Die My Darling
Hybrid Moments
Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight
We Are 138

I’ll also throw in a couple at random, because why not?

Pussy Liquor
Living Dead Girl

Blogtober Day 23

Day 23- Trick-or-Treat or Halloween Party?

I believe there is a time for both. I used to be the one who would go out to parties into the wee hours of the morning. We liked to call them Hallow-Roll parties. Ecstasy was like a tradition throughout my late teens/early 20s. Just that night. I guess that’s what you get when you hang out on “the dirt road.”

Things have definitely slowed down now and I’m totally up for a good ol’ walk around the neighborhood with little man and enjoy his excitement for candy. I do have to say, I wouldn’t change it for the world. He has been wearing his Halloween shirts to school since the beginning of October. He probably has enough to get him through half a month, so it works out pretty well. He and I really know how to celebrate this season. I love his love for spooky things because I was so fascinated myself as a child. He does have a lot of “mini me” qualities and it makes my heart melt. I’d do absolutely anything for that child.

I really did enjoy trick-or-treating as a kid. We knew which houses had the best candy and the one that always gave out cans of Pop. Northerner, yes, yes I am. My dad would always decorate the trailer to his tractor and put hay in it as we rode around the neighborhood. Beat walking and we always had hitchhikers because we were “so cool!” Youth get excited over the most simplistic things and I wish it could continue into adulthood. I’ve tried to continue humbling myself and enjoying the small things because they always end up mattering the most.

I’m trying to remember the different costumes I’ve worn throughout the years. I know for a fact I was a pumpkin, lion, witch, scarecrow, Barney (Yes, the Dinosaur), Sonic (the Hedgehog), Kimberly (The Pink Power Ranger), Simba (The Lion King), Rose (Titanic), Hippie, Cheerleader (don’t know what I was thinking), California Raisin (Don’t judge, it was my aunt Jody’s costume and I adore her!), Daria (MTV Show), Fairy, Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas), Sexy Cubs Player, Wolf, Fox, Harley Quinn, Little Red Riding Hood, Rocky (Paw Patrol, wonder why. lol), and Pirate. I’m sure I’m missing a couple in there, but it was interesting to recall a lot of those.

I plan on spending this Halloween with Eddie and Patrick, seeing what we can find to do because of this Covid BS. I know we will come up with something fun and exciting. They have a lot of trunk-or-treats going on around here and a couple things at the beaches. I think like store-to-store candy handout. Whatever we do, I just want everyone to enjoy themselves and feel carefree. I want to remember and experience Halloween the way it should have always been celebrated.. Sobriety, love, and candy!

Worst Halloween Candy

Day 22- What is the worst Halloween candy/candies you would skip over in your treat bag?

Well let’s see here. I was never really a fan of:


Hot Tamales

Mary Jane

Well, not this type of Mary Jane…


Mega Smarties Candy Rolls 24ct | Party City

Almond Joy

Almond Joy Candy Bar, 1.61 oz Chocolate Bars | Meijer Grocery, Pharmacy,  Home & More!

Now and Laters

Now or Later? That is the Question.

I guess these would have to be in my top 6? I remember coming home, dumping out the bag, and picking out the crap first. Worked out, my parents and grandparents liked them. I was a huge fan of Butterfinger, Reese’s, M&Ms, Snickers, Kit Kat and Twix. Hmm, a chocolatey theme here. I’ve NEVER been a fan of anything gummy, sour, or anything like that. To each their own. My son is backwards, so we both get what we want each year. That, he takes after his father, definitely!

Blogtober Catch Up

Day 18- Biggest Halloween Fright

Tarantulas. Spiders in general. I don’t even like having this little fella on my page, but at least he’s cute Halloween colors. Something about them make my skin crawl.

Day 19- Best Halloween TV Special

THE GEEEEK AWARDS [Best Anime/Animation of 2017]: My My My... -  GodHatesGeeks

By far any of The Regular Show Halloween Specials. This show holds a special place in my heart and the humor is just so spot on. I also named our husky after Rigby the raccoon in the show. Gotta love it.

Day 20- Opinion On Halloween Weather

The Ghosts of October's Past in Orlando

Now I do have to admit, my attitude towards Florida “Halloween weather” has changed quite a bit. A couple years back our little family got to experience Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween. Had a blast! We all went as pirates and were sweating our knickers off, but it was so worth it. Eddie had so much fun going on Pirates Of The Caribbean ride and the pirate actor talked to us up above on the bridge during the ride. They also have Jack Sparrow everywhere, you can’t go wrong. Even if it’s not the sweater weather I prefer, Eddie and his excitement for all times of the year makes it totally worth it!

Day 21- First Halloween Costume

The infamous pumpkin costume so many babies aspired to wear. I’m so sure. That was the first costume I ever wore and then 7 years later my sweet sis wore it as her first. It was kind of tradition. Now, Eddie, he was my baby dragon and I went as Kahleesi, I mean, times change. I am definitely the Mother of (a hot headed) Dragon…

Where Did Drogon Take Daenerys? How the Dragon Queen Could Be Brought Back  to Life

My fiery redhead and I. Haha…

Horrifyingly Horrible Horror Flicks

Day 17- A Horrifyingly Horrible Horror Flick That You Are A Closeted Fan Of?

The Blair Witch Project | Cosmopolis

I must admit to this one, I am a fan of The Blair Witch Project. As lame and stupid as the movie is, it terrifies me every time and makes me wonder why I love it as much as I do. Something about the movie always resonated with me in a way I’m not sure how to put? I’m seriously questioning my reasoning sometimes.

When I was in elementary specifically around 4th-5th grade, after I finally saw the movie when I would wait for the bus I would purposely find sticks and make the stick figure pattern on the ground. So there would be like 2-3 of them lying around and I’d form up rock piles. I’d make sure they were big enough to be noticeable by the kids on the bus and would only do it around October. I was a strange kid to say the least. I just really loved horror films as lame as they may have been. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know and love classics as well.

One of my favorites is The Exorcist. I read the book before I watched the movie and don’t shame me, yes, the book was better. Still love Linda Blair’s performance in the movie and give her props for having to endure that style of acting at such a young age. Ironic her last name is Blair, don’t ya think?

Halloween Memories and More

Day 16- A Halloween Memory or Things That Make You Think of This Time of Year

So I thought I was wanting to listen to KoRn’s album “Take A Look In The Mirror.” Got two songs through and decided it was a total Lacuna Coil and her album “Comalies” kind of day. It’s an Autumn album for me definitely. It started to bring back memories of high school again and so I decided to roll with it and see what surfaces.

I can honestly remember listening to the CD in my Walkman sitting on the bus and pressing my head against the cold glass and getting lost in the words. It was a favorite during this time of year. It also reminds me of Daniel, he was the one who introduced me to her beautiful voice. I’d take her over Evanescence any day. It’s so weird to feel this way sometimes, like I’m having trouble staying in the front because this is normally Autumn’s time and I feel her so so close. These are more her memories than mine, so without further adieu, she will take the floor now.

I don’t mind being co-conscious Bets, you’ve got some good memories too, don’t let me take all the credit. Silly. Anyway. I remember this one time when I had kidney stones really bad and had to go to the hospital and then they sent me home with Hydrocodone. That’s when I really started becoming obsessed with pain killers and just feeling good. I’d pop a couple more than I should and lay on my loveseat and listen to this CD among others and feel real good. It’s kind of nice now because I get prescribed Xanax and take it every day so that calming, don’t really care about anything feeling is familiar.

This also throws me back to when my best frands, Emily and Kristin would come over and we’d have sleepovers and put on outfits and take emo pictures. Those were some fun times, I will admit. I wish I would’ve appreciated that time a little more when I had the chance. High school did have a lot of great memories as dark and gloomy as I made it seem. It’s the honest to God truth, you don’t know how good you have it until you get older and realize adulthood SUCKS.

Another really good memory I have is taking off of school on Halloween as a tradition my Mom and I had. I mean, come on, it’s a holiday that needs to be recognized! We would always go to Party City, Spirit Halloween, and any stores we could find with all things Halloween in it. We would follow up with lunch and taking a walk somewhere scenic. Mandarin Park was a great place. It has up and down memories for me. I still frequent it when possible. I take my good over the bad there. Even if the last memory was bittersweet.

I’m not sure exactly how I’m feeling at the moment. My emotions are a bit lost. It’s like it goes from content, to feeling nothing, to a bit of sadness, and then the rotation starts again. Makes me think it’s time for that Xanax.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of ideas to write about and now it’s starting to overflow and it’s like, I’m not sure what to write about.

Oh oh oh, I do want to share what Autumn wrote this morning around 3:30. (We are very co-con at the moment so it sometimes gets confusing for new readers. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder) She is so good with words when it comes to Patrick and how I honestly feel about them (He has DID as well). It’s also pretty awesome because she has her feelings of when she knew him in high school as opposed to the ones I now have of him and it’s a crazy whirlwind of giddiness and teenage puppy love. Of course, that doesn’t overtake the main feeling. Completeness. Finally.

From the beautiful mind of Autumn:

I can’t stop thinking about you and all that you mean to me. It’s like I’m in some three-fold utopian dream. Meeting you was like a 1 in 292.2 million odds and for some unknown reason, I won the lottery. The grandest prize of them all and as much as I want you all to myself I want to share your love with the world. You are someone whom I never thought would go after a woman like me. I’ve got a lot to give, so much to offer, and I want you to know I’m giving it my best shot this time around. I may be a little worn, tarnished and scuffed but you make me feel like a treasure hidden among the sea. Dropped into deadly waves and brought back to shore, rubbed off and handled with proper care and making me feel even more beautiful than I was before. I love when I’m restless and I just can’t sleep because that’s sometimes the most creative sparks and my mind can go pretty deep. It always comes back to you no matter what the outcome of my overthinking may do. It’s such a blessing to feel the love I feel from you. That’s all I’ve got in the countless amount of words that are still left that I’ll proclaim until my last breath. I love you with everything I am and I’m sorry if it’s not a lot. I can’t fathom walking through this world without you by my side if you’re okay with that. You’ve given me more of a chance than already been deserved and I won’t take losing you or I’d honestly go crazy for good. Thank you for showing me the way life was meant to be. Safe, secured in your arms, always holding me.

Dress Up

Day 15- If you could only wear one halloween costume for the rest of your life, what would you be?

I know this may seem strange, but I knew right off the bat what one it would be. Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph. She is super spunky, has a great sarcastic humor, and a little bad ass. Loves to race and live life in the fast lane. I love it. She is my ultimate costume for life.

Not to mention, little man got to meet her when we went to Walt Disney World. I love this so so much!

The Embrace

Day 14-Share a Spooky Poem With Us

This is actually a poem I did back in high school about a True Crime novel I read called, “The Embrace: A True Vampire Story,” by Aphrodite Jones. It’s all about Roderrick Ferrell and the Vampire Clan murders. This was my way of doing book reports back in the day. I loved poetry and still do.

The Embrace

An innocent smile
Good at all she did
Was not a trouble maker
Until she met him
The ultimate sin

He made her believe
That she could leave
Back to the past
Out of body experience

To be called immortal
And have that back tracking portal
Loacted in his mind
Made him seem like one of a kind

She bought into what he sold
Now is a loner
Along with him in the cold

Wearing black
Communication lack
Especially with the oustide world
They were in one of their own

Slice to lettings
Which brought uncontrollable feelings
Making her feel invinsible
Like she had no principles

Now embraced
Pail goth face
Attracted to her master
Wanting to take action faster

Bringing others under his wing
Just thinking it was a vampiric fling
Turned out to be the real thing

No more acting
In role playing
His words he spoke
Thought he knew what he was saying

Brought along three more
Through his immortal door
Into his vampire coven
Thinking he could control them

It worked quite well
They fell under his seductive spell
Thinking they were just like he
Is all they wanted to be

His plan was about to unfold
Since he had them told
They were running away for good
To live together in the Louisianna woods

Back to the girl
Whom complains about her folks
Now he starts to make killing jokes
He’s got a plan to get her to go along
Even though the idea is so wrong

So him and his friend
Sneak around the bend
Grab the car keys
And try to flee

Leaving her parents blood stained and soaked
I guess it was no joke
They hopped in the stolen car
To meet the three
With a grin on their faces
Happy as can be

A murder they committed
Getting away was pure luck
Now on to get the girls
From the pick up truck

Traveling upstate
Thought they were in the clear
So he told the girl what they had done
And the adrenaline rush made it all the more fun

Shaking in fear
She didn’t want to be here
Looking away
For she had nothing to say

Scared and hurt
But lost in her thoughts
She couldn’t do anything now
They’ve gotten so far
Couldn’t turn around in the car

She held on for the ride
Locking herself deep inside
Until they got were they needed

A phone call was made
Accidentally traced
Their smiles then fade
They can’t believe the mistake they made

Sentenced they all were
Declared crazy and insane
But Rod Ferrell wouldn’t
play that game

Immortal he was
From the day he became
The police knew he was a liar
His statements were lame

Heather Wendorf got out later on
When they finally realized
She wasn’t like the other guys

She was brainwashed and torn
For she was never warned
Of her parents killing

It wasn’t her fault
But Scott and Rod’s alone
The other two girls
Known as Charity and Dana
Only got one phone call

They were sentenced for a while
While the guys were told of death
But I guess that’s turned into a myth

Still not dead
Even to this day
Maybe they shouldn’t have
Played the vampire game…

Carved and Painted

Day 13-Best Pumpkin You’ve Carved or Painted?

I believe this was two years back and I made Roly from Hey Duggee. He was very into that cute British cartoon and that was his favorite character. Whatever Eddie wants, he gets.

This was one of last year’s painted pumpkins. I got requested a Deadpool pumpkin, then proceeded to get asked the differences between Slade Wilson and Wade Wilson. Deadpool and Slade do look very similar. Smart little boy. Haha. He is my comic boy all around. Doesn’t matter what universe, he loves it all.

So here he asked for a Harley Quinn and Joker themed one. (There is only so much artistic talent I possess. lol) He was and really, still is, obsessed with The Grinch and Max. Of course they had to make an appearance and he was super excited about it to say the least.

Eddie asked for the bat symbol as his carved pumpkin last year, so it’s what we did. We’ve got his big pumpkin to carve and four little ones to paint this year. I know I’ll definitely be sharing them when we take next weekend to do them.

I did have to share this in memory of Pops. I think this is the best picture of all. He was Eddie’s best friend and taken away from us WAY too soon. I love to cherish and remember these happy memories, because you never know how much time you really have with someone. We love you Pops.