Blogtober Day 8/9

Day 8 Blogtober: You know you are behind a day, right? Me: Yes, thanks for sharing, I do have a life outside WordPress. Blogtober: Right. So ready for your question? Me: (Joe Swanson Style) Blogtober: Yea..So what was one of your paranormal experiences? Me: What paranormal experience? Blogtober: I don’t know…it’s just one of myContinue reading “Blogtober Day 8/9”

Take My Life Into Your Hands

Lord, I’d like to come to you this morning and thank you for opening my eyes to another sunshine filled day full of hope and all your glories. The steaming hot coffee flowing through my parted lips never tasted sweeter. The music streaming through my earbuds and dancing playfully through my head and bringing aContinue reading “Take My Life Into Your Hands”