Search Me

God, I desperately need you to search me right now. I need to know where my priorities lie and where I’m going wrong. My anxieties are getting the best of me and I’m over-analyzing and making up situations in my head and they haven’t even happened. I’m creating scenarios that aren’t even real and it’sContinue reading “Search Me”

Night Chatter

Now, I am not one to use a phone to write an entry. My fingers don’t move as fast as the words in my head. Not to mention the words turning into other words that are not intended. I absolutely one hundred percent can not sleep. Do you remember as a kid being so excitedContinue reading “Night Chatter”

When You’re Not Alone

You know that feeling when you’re not alone but it’s when you feel your most alone? Yup. Me in a nut shell right now. I’m in conversation with everyone in the house and love flows through the sadness. I talk to someone who makes my heart fill up and flutter to the point I don’tContinue reading “When You’re Not Alone”