Blogtober Catch Up

Day 18- Biggest Halloween Fright Tarantulas. Spiders in general. I don’t even like having this little fella on my page, but at least he’s cute Halloween colors. Something about them make my skin crawl. Day 19- Best Halloween TV Special By far any of The Regular Show Halloween Specials. This show holds a special placeContinue reading “Blogtober Catch Up”

Carved and Painted

Day 13-Best Pumpkin You’ve Carved or Painted? I believe this was two years back and I made Roly from Hey Duggee. He was very into that cute British cartoon and that was his favorite character. Whatever Eddie wants, he gets. This was one of last year’s painted pumpkins. I got requested a Deadpool pumpkin, thenContinue reading “Carved and Painted”